What Does OG Mean in Shoes?

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If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ve probably seen the term “OG” thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean? We’re here to break it down for you.

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The Meaning of OG in Shoes

In the world of shoes, “OG” stands for “original gangster.” This term is used to describe shoes that are considered classics or icons in the sneaker community. Shoes that are OG typically have a cult following and are highly sought-after by collectors.

The History of OG in Shoes

The term “OG” is often used in the shoe world to describe a classic style of shoe that has been around for years and remains popular. The “OG” designation is thought to come from the Skateboarding culture where it was used to describe a skater who was considered to be original or “old-school.” Over time, the term has come to be widely used in many different subcultures, including the sneakerhead community.

The Different Types of OG in Shoes

There are three different types of OG in shoes, which include: original, old-school, and grape.

The original OG in shoes is the original colorway of a shoe that was released by a brand. For example, the Air Jordan 1 “Bred” is an OG because it was the first colorway of the Air Jordan 1 that was released by Nike.

Old-school OGs are sneakers that are no longer being made by the brand but were popular in the past. For example, the Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared” is an old-school OG because it was a popular colorway of the Nike Air Max 90 that has since been discontinued by Nike.

Grape OGs are sneakers that have never been released by the brand before but resemble the colorway of another popular sneaker. For example, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove” is considered a grape OG because it resembles the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi.”

The Benefits of OG in Shoes

There are a few benefits of OG in shoes. One is that it can provide more support and stability. Another is that it can help to absorb shock and protect your feet from impact. Additionally, OG can help to improve traction and grip, making it ideal for certain activities like running or playing basketball. Ultimately, whether or not you choose to purchase shoes with OG will come down to personal preference.

The Different Colors of OG in Shoes

The three colors of OG in shoes are black, white, and red. Each color has a different meaning. Black OG shoes are the original color of the shoe. White OG shoes are a sign of purity. Red OG shoes are a sign of power.

The Different Materials of OG in Shoes

There are many different types of shoes on the market these days, and each one is made from a different material. So, what does OG mean in shoes?

OG stands for Original Grain, and it refers to the material that the shoes are made from. This can be anything from leather to canvas to synthetic materials. Each type of material has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

leather – Leather is a popular choice for shoes because it’s durable and looks good. However, it can be difficult to keep clean and doesn’t breath as well as some other materials.

canvas – Canvas is a lightweight and breathable material that’s often used in sneakers. It can be stained easily, though, so you’ll need to be careful when you’re wearing them.

synthetic – Synthetic materials are usually cheaper than natural ones, but they’re not always as durable. They can be good for people who are allergic to certain materials, though.

The Different Sizes of OG in Shoes

There are three different sizes of OG in shoes. Original Gangster, or OG, is the original size of the shoe. This is the size of the shoe when it was first released to the public. The second size is called the Halfsize, which is half a size smaller than the original. The last size is called the Doublesize, which is two times the original size.

The Different Styles of OG in Shoes

There are many different styles of OG in shoes. The most popular style is the Air Max 1, which was released in 1987. Other popular styles include the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max 97. OG is also used to describe shoes that are made with original materials, such as the Nike Air Jordan 1.

The Different Brands of OG in Shoes

There are many brands of OG in shoes. Some of the most popular are Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Each brand has its own unique style and design.

How to Care for OG in Shoes

OG shoes are a type of footwear that is made to be very durable and last a long time. They are often made from materials such as leather or suede and have a high quality construction. Despite their durability, they still require proper care in order to maintain their condition and prolong their lifespan.

Here are some tips on how to care for OG shoes:

– Avoid getting them wet: Water can cause the material to deteriorate and can also lead to the formation of mold and mildew. If your shoes do get wet, make sure to dry them thoroughly as soon as possible.
– Keep them clean: Dirt, dust, and other debris can damage the material over time. Regularly wipe down your shoes with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated on them. You can also use shoe cleaner specifically designed for OG shoes.
– Protect them from sunlight: UV rays from the sun can fade the material and cause it to become brittle over time. Store your shoes in a cool, dark place when you’re not wearing them.
– Don’t subject them to extreme temperatures: Hot or cold temperatures can also damage the material of your shoes. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in very cold areas such as a car trunk during winter.

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