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This day and age, you no longer need to get off your butt and leave the house in order to get stuff done. You’ve got the Internet at your fingertips, so why would you even get ouf bed at all, amirite? Just kidding, ofcourse. But seriously though, if you want to learn a skill, such as nursing, then you can do this online these days. There are upsides and downsides to learning nursing online. Not just to nursing, but to everything, really. I don’t know your personal situation, so I can’t judge for you whether or not it’s practical for you to learn nursing online, rather than offline. You remember ‘offline’, don’t you? I mean somewhere in an actual hospital.

I’ve been browsing around online to see what your options are. There is an online school guide that shows me there are no less 376 online nursing schools available, spread out across a number of states. The annual tuition ranges from roughly $10,000 to $34,000.

The NCLEX pass rates for all these courses are almost everywhere way over 80%, which shows me that the quality of these courses is generally up to snuff. Since they are online courses, you can easily choose to go with the cheapest. Because you don’t think that a $30,000 course is going to make you 3x more worth than a $10,000, do you?

Before you dive into a course, you must make sure that the degree program is accredited and recognized by your own state’s licensing board. If you don’t, you’ll end up earning a degree that isn’t worth anything in your state. Now that would be a tremendous waste of resources.

As stated before, there are pros and cons to getting a nursing degree online. So let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons, shall we?

Learning Nursing Online


If you are very busy, then you might want to try out studying online. A lot of people today have both a job as well as children that need to be raised. If you recognize yourself in this situation, then you’re already pretty close to being the ideal candidate for studying from home, using nothing but the Internet to get your degree.

The great thing about learning online is that you’ll have access to the study material whenever you feel like it, since the Internet is always online. You will also save money because you don’t have to travel anywhere. The time and energy you’d normally spend on going somewhere, can also be invested in learning the stuff you need in order to score your nursing degree.

Some people actually perform better when they are studying online, rather than in a class far away from the comfort of their own home. There’s a lot more people like that than you’d think. And they can all be served all at once, since an online class doesn’t care how many people are attending. Compare this to a physical class, which is full with several dozens of people.


The downside to courses online, is that you can’t ask questions right at the very moment you’re being taught something. A certain course might not be completely what you expected from it. It might not help you pass the specific exam that you had in mind. If you accidentally sign up for the wrong course, you’ll throw away your precious time and financial resources.

Becoming a nurse isn’t something you can do entirely online. At some point, you’ll have to learn how to work with actual people, which have a physical presence and will sometimes get pissed because they’re not being cured fast enough. Impatient patients are just the worst, aren’t they? 😛

If you’re one of those people that performs the best when being taught in a real life class, where instructors can be asked questions right on the spot, then online learning might not be for you. You could still attempt it of your situation doesn’t allow for any other option. But there’s the risk you’ll perform less than when you would’ve just gone to class.


Thanks to the modern day miracle we have come to call the Internet, it is now possible to learn skills with the few hours of time that you have left over in a day. Some people prefer online learning to offline learning. But some other people prefer it the other way around. Life isn’t fair and you’ve gotta make due with the opportunities that life offer you. And getting a nursing degree online is certainly bound to help some people realize their dreams of becoming a nurse, which would not have been possible without e-learning.

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