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Best High Quality Golf Shoes For Men, Women In 2023

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Golf, just like any other sports, requires the right equipment. You need to have golf balls, the right set of clubs, as well as a golf bag to carry your accessories. An aspect that most people tend to ignore is finding the right pair of golf shoes. For some people, golf shoes are an afterthought. However, a good pair of shoes for the golf court are as important as your set of clubs. And wearing the wrong type of shoes on the course will significantly affect your performance. On the other hand, a great pair of properly fitting golf shoes will provide you with all the traction you need to execute your swings and shots properly. Furthermore, if you prefer walking on the course instead of riding in the cart, you will have covered approximately 5 miles or even more, by the time you hit the 18th hole. Therefore, you will need a comfortable pair of shoes, which will help to prevent fatigue, foot pain, and other discomforts, while allowing you to focus on your game. In this golf shoes buying guide, we will cover some of the best golf shoes for men and women in 2020. After that, we will give you a checklist of some of the things to consider when you are buying golf shoes.

Top 5 Best Golf Shoes For Men 

1. New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked

New Balance Men's nbg1701 Golf Shoe, White/Black, 9.5 2E US
  • Eva midsole for extra cushioning
  • Premium water-resistant microfiber leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Champ slim-lok removable cleats

Whether you are a rank amateur, a scratch golfer or a pro, these New Balance golf shoes will provide the grip and walking comfort that you need from the tee to the greens. New Balance is renowned for performance and comfort. And with the NBG 1701, you have a feather-light pair of shoes for the court, which will enable you to unleash your A-game. The uppers of these golf court shoes with arch support are made of microfiber leather, which is light but sturdy. This material also gives them a casual look. But as soon as you start lining up your shots and swinging, you will understand why golfers across the globe love these babies.

The smartly-designed outsole is ready to supply all the grip and traction you need, immediately you step on the tee, thanks to their slim-lok removable cleats. If you are looking for golf shoes in wide widths, then New Balance has a solution for your feet. The NBG 1701 come with ample room inside, thus allowing maximum internal flexibility. On the other hand, the well-cushioned midsole features direct injection EVA foam, for optimum shock absorption as well as superior tactile feedback. These are also highly versatile. They can handle various styles of play in various course conditions. These golf court shoes for men are also designed to resist premature wear and tear, thanks to the special rubber compound, that has been injected in high wear areas of the sole.

2. adidas Men’s Adicross V Golf Spikeless

adidas Men's Adicross V Golf Shoe, Black/White, 8.5 M US
  • Lace-up golf shoe featuring Climastorm...
  • Lightweight Cloudfoam sockliner
  • Flexible spikeless ADIWEAR durable outsole

The Adicross V remains one of the best spikeless golf shoes you can purchase today. They are designed for professional and amateur golfers alike, thanks to their support, stability, and comfort. These shoes combine design elements from athletic shoes and dress shoes, resulting in a pair of golf shoes you can wear anywhere. Apart from that, you can wear these shoes with either shorts or pants, depending on whether you fancy a professional look or a casual feel. With these shoes, you will sport a handsome look, with the right blend of sportiness and formality.

Looks aside, the uppers of these golf shoes without spikes are made of full-grain leather, combined with ripstop nylon saddle. With this combination, these shoes will remain water resistant for at least two years. Also, their leather tongue features perforations for improved breathability. And despite these perforations, you will not encounter any problems, even if you hit the golf course early in the morning when the grass is still wet. Another benefit of the leather used on the upper is that it’s easy to clean. A simple wipe with soap and water will be enough to remove the dirt on the surface while a commercial shoe cleaner will remove any scuff marks.

And if it’s cold outside when you are playing golf, the proprietary Adidas Climaproof technology will keep your feet warm. These are great for those climates where the weather can change within the blink of an eye. Although these shoes are made of leather, they are lightweight. Therefore, fatigue will never be an issue while you enjoy your favorite hobby. Also, the Cloudfoam sockliner will supply additional comfort while the thick rubber outsole enhances their cushioning for prolonged play. If you are looking for golf shoes you can wear on and off the course, then the Adidas Adicross V deserves serious consideration. They provide reliable traction, their interior is plush and comfortable, and they are water resistant.

3. New Balance Men’s Minimus Tour

New Balance Men's Minimus Tour Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, White/Black, 7.5 D D US
  • Waterproof upper with ultralight FantomFit support
  • REVlite 4mm drop midsole* provides lightweight...
  • Ultra-flexible NDurance rubber outsole
  • 2-year waterproof warranty

The New Balance Minimus Tour is designed to provide a comfortable playing experience, throughout all course types or conditions. These golf shoes for plantar fasciitis, come with a synthetic upper, which molds and conforms to the shape and contours of your feet. Regardless of how long your golfing session takes you, the Minimus Tour will always keep your feet comfortable. And when your feet are comfortable, you can focus on your shots and tees. Both the tongue and the collar have adequate padding. The collar provides ankle support while protecting your skin against chafing. At the same time, the padded tongue cushions your instep, against pressure exerted by the laces.

You can easily adjust these golfing shoes to suit your preferred fit and tightness, using their lace-up closure. Sometimes, you might come across wet conditions on the golf course. And without the right type of shoes, your feet will be wet, leading to blisters and irritation. Luckily, these golf shoes for arthritic feet, come with a waterproof upper, which ensures that your feet remain dry at all times. If you are looking for a durable, functional, and comfortable pair of golf shoes, then you should check out this model.

The Minimus Tour is further equipped with a REVlite 4mm drop midsole, which supplies premium responsiveness as well as lightweight cushioning. The cushioning also softens your foot whenever it strikes the ground. These golf shoes for men come with a rubber outsole, which provides traction. The outsole is further equipped with spikes, designed to give you a firm grip on the ground, whenever you are taking your shots. These are also stylish. You can match them with your favorite pair of golf outfit, and you will always look and feel great.

4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Pro 2

If you prefer golf shoes that have a simple design, then you should check out the Skechers Performance Golf Pro 2. These golf court shoes come with a wide range of features, leaving your feet comfortable and stable when walking on different golf courses. Also, their sturdy construction combined with high-quality construction makes them durable. For those who love playing golf early in the morning, these waterproof golf shoes will ensure that wet grass will not distract you from your swings and shots. They come with the proprietary H2GO waterproof protection, which ensures maximum protection against the elements.

These shoes are equipped with a robust diamond-shaped traction plate outsole, together with nine spikes. With this unique design, you are guaranteed of maximum traction when you are swinging the club. Their firm grip on the ground should also boost your confidence levels when taking shots on the fairway. On the other hand, the nine cleats prevent sliding, especially when you encounter slippery surfaces. Also, they are easy to replace, especially once they become dull.

Skechers is renowned for producing comfortable shoes, and the Go Golf Pro 2 is not an exception. If you want to protect your feet against blisters, hot spots, and other discomforts when you are playing, then you need a pair of these golf shoes for men. Their interior is lined with ultra-soft fabric, which prevents irritation. On the other hand, the cushioned insole delivers comfort while the lightweight structure of the shoe prevents fatigue.

5. FootJoy Men’s Freestyle 2.0 Golf Spike Extra Wide

FootJoy Men's Freestyle 2.0-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes Silver 10.5 M, Charcoal/White, US
  • Complete support - the innermost system offers an...
  • Extreme cushioning - the extra-thick shock...
  • Superior traction - The F.R.O.G.S. Outsole (fj's...
  • Lopro 2 last - the lopro 2 last offers a full...
  • Performance Mesh - lightweight performance mesh...

The FootJoy Freestyle 2.0, is one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. Most golfers love these shoes due to their exceptional levels of performance, durability, and quality. Unlike other golf shoes, the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 doesn’t require any break-in period. They are comfortable straight out of the box. The upper materials are highly breathable, while the X-Tra-Thick Fitbed with HeelLok provides cushioning and shock absorption. This material makes you feel as if you are walking on pillows. At the same time, the InnerSok system features an Achilles pad, which supplies additional comfort and support at the heel counter. These golf shoes for Achilles tendonitis, are further equipped with a Tongue-Lok instep grip, which ensures that the tongue doesn’t slip around when you are golfing.

Their outsole unit is made of SoftMax molded translucent rubber, which provides complete mobility as well as soft cushioning. Even if you are walking on hard surfaces, that impact will not be transferred to your feet, thanks to this outsole. The outsole unit is further furnished with Pulsar cleats, designed to supply traction and grip, especially when you are launching your shots. The cleats are green-friendly, which means they will not destroy the golf course surface.

When it comes to grip, comfort, and mobility, you will struggle to find a pair of golf shoes that come close to the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0. If you tend to roll your feet when during the swing, then you will love these shoes. Their soft and flexible upper, allows your feet and ankles to move freely. Overall, the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 is a great pair of golf shoes, which delivers an excellent performance, across all the key areas. Also, they will help you to improve your game.

Top 5 Best Golf Shoes For Women 

1. adidas Women’s Climacool Ballerina

The Adidas Climacool Ballerina comes with everything you would need in a pair of golf shoes. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight. In fact, they feel as if you are wearing slippers, but with the protection of shoes. As much as they may not supply much support, their lightweight nature prevents all sorts of fatigue. When you have these shoes on your feet, you don’t have to ride on the cart, since they keep your feet as light as possible. These golf shoes without spikes come with a grippy outsole, which supplies optimal traction. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about slipping or even shifting in the middle of a swing.

Their mesh upper offers ample ventilation, thus cooling down your feet on a warm, sunny day. However, don’t expect these shoes to keep your feet dry during wet conditions. As much as light dew on the grass might not make your feet wet, heavy rain will definitely lead to discomfort. In short, they are designed for summer playing conditions. And that is where they excel. Their pliability and flexibility are what sets them apart from the competition. Apart from golfing, these are among the few types of golf shoes you can wear anywhere. You can easily fold them and fit them toss them inside your bag. No amount of turning, bending, twisting or rolling will alter their shape and structure. Once you slip them on, they will instantly regain their shape. If you are a recreational traveler, an on-the-go golfer or just someone who prefers a casual, laid-back style, these shoes are perfect for you.

2. Ashworth Womens Cardiff Adc

If you are looking for high-quality, yet affordable golf shoes, then you should check out the Ashworth Women’s Cardiff. These gorgeous golf shoes are designed for the amateur golfer, who wants to learn this beautiful game while remaining stylish on the course. They will significantly enhance your outfit while offering incredible levels of comfort that you will appreciate. And as much as they might be cheaper than other shoes, they don’t compromise on quality and comfort. These are equipped with a spikeless outsole, which delivers traction and unmatched flexibility. With these shoes, you will not slip when you are on the course nor experience the odd feeling that comes with spiked shoes.

One of the most outstanding features of these golf shoes for women is how they have been made. They feature rich, tumbled leather, which is pliable and flexible. On the inside, you will come across a polyurethane (PU) sock liner, which offers amazing comfort while giving your feet a glove-like fit. Unlike other golfing shoes, these don’t require any break-in period. These golf shoes for wide feet are ready to wear straight from the box. They come with ample toe box without being too loose while the arch support is just what you need. The materials used are also waterproof, which helps to keep your feet dry whenever you encounter moisture or other wet conditions.

3. adidas Women’s W Adizero Sport III

The Adidas Adizero Sport III is designed to take your game to the next level. Just like other shoes from this brand, you can expect nothing less than exceptional comfort, stability, and style. The uppers are made of a breathable mesh material, which provides ample airflow even when there is sweltering heat on the golf course. Your feet might sweat when you are playing. But when you have these very affordable golf shoes, you can rest easy knowing that the sweat will not present any discomfort issues. Apart from breathability, the materials used to make the upper are highly flexible, thus allowing your feet full range of motion during a swing. The upper is also waterproof, which means you can use them in wet conditions your feet will not get moist.

Breathability and ventilation aside, the Adizero Sport III is one of the most comfortable golf shoes for women. They come with a durable midsole, which offers shock absorbance as well as all-day comfort. The midsole also provides energy return, to eliminate any sign of fatigue on your feet or pain in your ankles and knees. They are also equipped with a cushioned tongue and collar for additional comfort while the lace-up closure gives you a customized fit. Apart from that, their flexible sole design will ensure you have all the traction you need for proper execution of shots.

4. adidas Women’s W Response Light Golf Spiked

If you are looking for a pair of golf shoes that offer a unique combination of style and comfort, then you should consider buying the Adidas Response. These spiked shoes feature mesh and leather uppers, which provide extra flexibility, comfort, and lightweight mobility. Also, they are reasonably waterproof. They come with a spacious toe box while their casual style makes it easy to combine them with a wide range of outfits. You will love their comfort, underfoot cushioning as well as the stability, from the tee to the fairway.

As a golfer, you have to be cautious when taking your shots. But with these shoes, you don’t have to worry about losing your footing, since they come with numerous multi-sized spikes, which are strategically located to supply traction and grip. These spikes are also removable. Therefore, once they become dull or damaged, you can easily remove and replace them with a new set, thus enhancing the traction of your golf shoes. The sole unit is made of high-quality rubber, which is both flexible and durable. With these golf shoes for wide feet, you can comfortably go through the full range of motion during a swing, without any limitations.

5. adidas Women’s W Adicross IV

The Adidas Adicross IV are engineered to enhance your performances on the golf course, thanks to their extreme comfort and versatility. These spikeless golf shoes for women are not only stylish and stunning, but they can easily complement a wide range of golf outfits. They are designed for go-golfers. They deliver exceptional performance, as well as comfort the entire time you are on the course. These are also equipped with a water-resistant and highly-flexible outsole, which supplies ample traction and grip. They will keep your foot balanced and firm on the golf course. They are further enhanced with PureMotion technology, featuring 72 lugs for optimal grip, versatility, and green-friendliness.

When it comes to long-lasting cushioning and comfort, you can always trust the Adidas Adicross IV to deliver when it matters. Also, these golf shoes for women come with the proprietary Adidas Cloudfoam sockliner. This material is extremely lightweight, thus making it easy for you to walk around the golf course. Apart from comfort, these are highly flexible, on and off the course, while offering an optimal blend of stability, traction, control, and balance. And you can wear these golf shoes on various terrains, and they will always meet the demands of a professional golfer.

Golf Shoes for Men and Women Buying Guide

As much as golf is not as active as running, playing football or other competitive sports, you will spend a considerable amount of your time standing or moving from one hole to the next. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you are wearing the right type of golf shoes. Proper footwear will elevate your performances. On the other hand, ill-fitting shoes will leave you with pain and discomfort on your feet, while preventing you from delivering your best performances. With that in mind, here are some of the factors to consider when buying golf shoes for men and women.

Spikeless vs. Spiked

One of the main considerations when buying shoes for the green, is deciding whether you want to buy spikeless or spiked golf shoes. In fact, choosing one model over the other will remove half of the options from your list and help you to narrow down to your preferred choice easily. Each model has its pros and cons. Whether you are playing on a wet or dry course, golf shoes with spikes will provide more traction compared to shoes without spikes. Spikes offer more grip and stability especially when you are playing on hilly grounds or wet courses. On the other hand, shoes without spikes tend to be more comfortable, since they are lighter than their spiked counterparts and their soles are more flexible. Most of the latest models of spikeless golf shoes are designed like running shoes, making them very lightweight, flexible and comfortable. So, should you buy spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

Most of the available spiked golf shoes feature soft, plastic cleats. Apart from providing all the traction benefits offered by traditional metal spikes, they are also friendly to the greens. Due to their damage on the delicate greens, most golf courses have banned golf shoes with metal spikes. The modern plastic cleats dig into the grass surface thus providing a firm grip. And once you are through with the swing, they release the surface easily. They help you to generate tremendous power on the tee. Also, they help the golfer to go through the full range of a swing. The main problem with spiked shoes is that the cleats are fragile. After some time, the plastic cleats will begin to weaken, lose their strength and detach from the sole. And when that happens, your shoes will have an uneven platform, thus affecting your swings. If the cleats start falling off, you should replace them right away. Another issue you will face when you purchase spiked shoes is that the cleats tend to clog with debris and dirt. If you are playing in damp conditions or early mornings when the grass is wet, then the situation will even be worse, since they will lose their traction. Therefore, if you want to enjoy golf with your pair of spiked shoes, then you have to clean them regularly.

Spikeless golf shoes have been around since 2011, during the PGA Tour season. Just like their name implies, they replace the spikes with plastic nubs or small protruding lugs, which cover the entire surface of the outsole. Unlike the spiked version, these lugs are not replaceable. Most of them resemble running shoes or tennis shoes, but they have been engineered to meet the demands of a golfer. One of the main benefits of shoes without spikes is that they are remarkably light. Furthermore, their versatility is unmatched. They provide a smooth transition from the city to the golf course and vice versa. For instance, you can head straight to the bar with these shoes, and no one will notice you were playing golf. Not unless you forget to remove your golf gloves of course! Spikeless shoes offer almost the same levels of traction as those with spikes. However, if you are playing on a wet golf course or one that has plenty of elevation changes, then you should consider the spiked model. Another issue with the spikeless model is that the cleats are not replaceable. Therefore, once the lugs wear off, the shoes will lose their traction and you will have to replace them.

Comfort, Sizing and Fit

When it comes to golf shoes, comfort should always be a priority. As noted earlier, a comfortable pair of golf shoes will give you the freedom you need to focus on your game. On the other hand, if your pair of shoes doesn’t fit perfectly, they will leave you with blisters, irritation, and hotspots, thus affecting your overall performance. So, what makes a pair of shoes comfortable? First, you need to consider the size. As much as it might appear obvious, purchasing the right size of shoes for your feet will go a long way in enhancing comfort. If you buy an undersized pair of shoes or one that squeezes your toes, without a doubt, your entire body will feel the effects of that discomfort. As a result, your mental focus will also be affected, leading to poor performances. On the other hand, if you purchase oversized golf shoes, then your foot will slide back and forth due to too much space inside. Due to such continuous movements, you might not be able to generate enough power for your swing. As you can see, the size of your golf shoes will not only determine the comfort, but it might also affect your performance.

So, how do you ensure you buy the right size of golf shoes? First, you need to measure your feet to determine your actual size. Once you have the measurements for both feet, you need to consider the sizing model used by the shoe manufacturer. For instance, some shoes tend to run wide, others run long while others run narrow. It’s always advisable to read reviews left behind by other customers, to determine whether you should size up or down. When the pair of shoes arrives, it’s advisable to try them in the afternoon when your feet have already expanded. Ensure you try them on using the socks you intend to wear during the game.

The right size of golf shoes should leave at least half an inch from the big toe to the front of the shoe. That space provides you with the flexibility you need to remain comfortable, especially when you are executing your swings. If the shoe is too tight, then you will end up with discomfort, which means you might end up with errant shots. Apart from sizing and fit, you should also ensure your preferred pair of shoes have ample cushioning and support, especially if you walk a lot on the golf course. They should also have sufficient arch support. If you have plantar fasciitis, then you should opt for a model that is spacious enough to allow custom orthotics.

Stability and balance

As you probably know, the aim of golf is to go through all the holes with the fewest shots possible. Various factors will determine your ability to achieve that. Some elements such as wind, course conditions and weather are obviously beyond your control. However, the equipment you choose plays a significant role in how you can effectively move the golf ball around the course and shoes are one of them. When you are swinging the golf club, most players don’t realize the tremendous amount of foot action that takes place. For instance, energy generated at the rearfoot at the start of the swing is released once the swing is completed. Therefore, with this dynamic action, your pair of shoes will determine how you properly utilize the energy of your feet.

Golf shoes with a low drop and more ground contact will provide more stability, thus giving you the confidence you need for powerful swings. Also, if the golf course features several sections with challenging terrain, then you need to ensure the shoes you are wearing are as stable as possible. Whether you are purchasing a spiked or a spikeless model, ensure it has a low drop and provides you with adequate balance during play. Some golf shoes feature in-built stabilizers while others are equipped with high-tech polymers, located at various strategic points. Some models feature a thick heel sole to provide additional support. A properly balanced pair of shoes can improve your performance since the power of a swing depends on your stability, as well as your ability to transfer energy and follow through. The best golf shoes are designed to ensure ample stability and balance as well as responsiveness and energy return.

Waterproof and Breathable

A perfect pair of golf shoes should keep your feet dry, even when you are playing in moist conditions such as early mornings when the grass is wet. Therefore, they need to be waterproof. Playing golf with wet shoes is not advisable since they will reduce your stability. Your foot will be sliding since to side inside, which will impact on your swing. Apart from that, wet shoes will eventually lead to fatigue. By the time you are on the 18th, you will have run out of energy. Ensure you purchase golf shoes that can even handle heavy downpour without getting soggy.

The only setback with waterproof golf shoes is that some of them tend to lose their breathability, in an effort to keep water and moisture out. If the shoes are not breathable, your feet will be soaked in sweat, which can lead to irritation, blisters, and unpleasant odors. Breathable golf court shoes keep your feet dry, comfortable and cool. Regardless of whether you are playing in wet or dry conditions, your pair of golf shoes should have breathable material to allow ample air circulation. If you only play in hot climates, then you should find a pair of shoes that focuses more on breathability. On the other hand, if you frequently encounter wet conditions, then you should opt for a model that leans more on the breathable side.

The materials used to make the shoes will significantly affect their breathability and waterproofing capabilities. For warm and dry conditions, it’s advisable to choose synthetic materials such as mesh, which is highly breathable and comes with moisture-wicking capabilities. You should also opt for shoes whose lining features antibacterial treatment since it will help to prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. For cooler or wet climatic conditions, go for leather golf shoes. Apart from being sturdy, most shoes made of leather are exceptionally waterproof. Some synthetic materials also come with water-resistant treatment, which makes it easier to play in wet conditions. However, you need to remember that water resistance and waterproofing are two different things. A water-resistant pair of shoes might allow moisture to penetrate when you encounter heavy rain.

Golf Shoes Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your golf shoes will prolong their life while maintaining their feel, comfort, and performance. Since you will encounter various elements on the golf course, it’s advisable to clean your shoes regularly and store them properly. Clean the upper part using soap and water. Use a soft towel to wipe off dirt. Avoid soaking your shoes in water for long periods, since you might damage the materials used to make them. It’s also advisable to rotate your shoes frequently. If they are spiked, check the cleats to make sure they are secured properly and intact. Replace any missing cleats. Ensure you store them in a golf bag with ample ventilation and ensure you leave cedar trees inside the shoes anytime you are not using them.

Closing Remarks

Never underestimate the importance of a solid foundation when you are playing golf. As noted earlier, all the energy for your swings originates from the ground up. Therefore, when you are buying golf shoes, always go for one that will provide stability, flexibility, and most importantly comfort, throughout the game. Whether you buy a spiked or a spikeless model, make sure it offers ample support, stability and the comfort you need to focus on your game as you execute your swings.

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  2. Nice review, I’ve never owned a pair of spikeless shoes yet, I’ve been looking at the puma spikeless for a while now tho, definitely the next pair of golf shoes I buy, will be spikeless, would be wearing only on dry days, not bothered too much about the shoe being waterproof.

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  3. Brian – Are you aware of a good hiking boot, e.g., Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots , with a golf shoe sole? I walk, rather than using a cart, and I could use good foot support, especially when I’m searching for a ball in the high rough. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi Jim,

      A hiking shoe is a hiking shoe and a golf shoe is a golf shoe. But if you’re looking for the best support you can get, then I’d get a golf shoe with a removable insole, and then put Tread Labs in them.

      I have Tread Labs in all my hikers. And if they’re good enough for hikers, then they’re good enough for golfers!



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