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Refresh Women’s Combat Style Lace Up Ankle Bootie

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For the woman who wants to look feminine, yet tough, there is a good option besides the regular ankle bootie. There are also very pretty and sexy looking military ankle booties, or combat booties, as some women prefer to call them. These women’s lace up ankle booties by Refresh are a really great example of such booties.

Whenever you are buying a combat boot, please keep in mind that they’re not necessarily actual combat boots, despite being named as such. Some boots are ‘style boots’ or ‘fashion boots’ as they are called. What it comes down to is that you’re looking at a boot that’s designed to have a certain style, but not the actual functionality of an actual combat boot.

If it’s a real combat boot you want, then you should look at features such as durability, sole grip, etc. Whenever you see a combat boots with stylish looking ornaments on the outside, such as with this one, that has a knitting flip and a collar, then it’s safe to assume you are looking at a fashion combat bootie. Having said that… let’s move on to my review of Refresh’s Wynne 01 ankle combat booties!

Women’s Refresh Wynne 01 Combat Boots For Wide Feet

These combat booties are made of synthetic material and come with a faux leather upper.

If you just so happen to be a vegan, you’ve come to the right boot!

They’re not actual combat boots suitable for military operations, as I’m sure you have already guessed from their looks.

They are low budget, affordable fashion combat booties that are going to make a girl look cute.


They have a knitting flip over and a collar that is sure to keep your ankles warm, even during winter time. Just so long as you are wearing them during light snow, though. If you are planning on tramping around in heavy snow instead, then it’s best if you go with a pair of higher priced, warm winter boots that are fit for winter hiking and the likes.


These shoes can afford to get a little moisture on them without you having to feel like your feet are soaking. Since they are fashion booties, don’t expect them to be waterproof without you doing anything about it. You’ll need a few coats of weather protector on there. That stuff is cheap. Buy some and spray away at them. You can walk around big puddles and your feet will remain dry. They’ll keep your feet dry and they’ll end up lasting longer as well. Two birds with one stone. What more can you ask for?


Some of you are looking at these booties and are asking themselves… is there an integrated sock in here? No, it’s not an entire sock that you see protruding out the ankles of the boots there. It’s a collar. It kind of feels like a sock, though. The collars hug your ankles and keep you warm and soft, just how you like it. Despite not having integrated socks, these booties can indeed be worn without socks. That’s just how comfy they are!


They come with a pretty good stock footbed, that will keep you comfortable even when you are walking around all day long. Most Amazon customers are of the opinion that these Refresh Wynne combat booties are true to size. However, some of them say they are a bit on the small side, so you might have to order half a size up.

The toe box is pretty large, so you are sure to have plenty of room to wiggle your toes in. These are great combat boots for wide feet. So if you’ve got wide feet and are always bummed out that they don’t have your favorite shoe in ‘wide’, then this is your chance to get lucky for once!

If you manage to get them in a good size for you, then you will also be able to wear them with winter socks. You might even need to, because the footbed itself isn’t cushioned.


I’m sure you have already spotted it, but let me state the obvious here. These booties are friggin’ cute! If you’re a woman in her teens or twenties, then  you can’t afford to not try these on. They come at an affordable price, and for that price you get a lot of bang for your buck. Most Amazon reviewers are amazed at how comfortable they are.


You get lots of bang for your buck if you choose to go with Refresh’s lace up ankle booties. You’ll get warm feet that will stay dry and are comfortable all day long.

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