Propet Women’s Mary Lou Mary Jane Diabetic Sneaker

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Do you have diabetes? Or do you perhaps know people who have diabetes? If the answer is yes, then you will realize that diabetes is no fun to have. It’s a horrible, life altering disease that is going to permanently lower the quality of your life.

Very few people manage to ‘cure’ their diabetes. Technically speaking, you can’t cure it. But still, some people manage to lose weight and adopt a healthy diet in such a way that all the symptoms of diabetes go away, or that the disease becomes manageable at the very least. But an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

So you should always try to prevent getting diabetes in the first place, rather than getting it and curing it. The condition will put a damper on your life. But if you do have it, then it’s always a good idea to make life as easy on yourself as you possible can. And you can! By buying roomy diabetic shoes, that will accommodate your diabetic feet.

When you have diabetes, this can cause all sorts of foot conditions, such as:

  • changes to your feet’s skin
  • poor circulation
  • neuropathy
  • ulcers
  • calluses

In order to prevent these foot problem from getting out of hand, you will need shoes that give you some room.

Propet Women’s Mary Lou Mary Jane Sneaker for Diabetes

These Mary Janes, aptly named Mary Lou, are entirely made of leather and come with a rubber sole.

So right off the bat, you know you’ve got yourself a top notch shoe, made from high quality materials.

If you have lots of experience wearing shoes (and let’s face it… who doesn’t?), then you’ll know that leather & rubber is a golden combination!

Pun intended.

All jokes aside, let’s have a look at how awesome these Mary Lou Mary Janes truly are!


They measure 0.25″ at the heels, meaning your ankles will have plenty of room to move and breathe in these shoes. These sneakers have been designed with comfort in mind, because this is very important for a diabetes patient. The cushioning that comes with these shoes, is shock absorbing. These diabetic Propet walking shoes are Medicare/HCPCS A5500 compliant, meaning that they are very well suited for diabetic patients.

They have been designed for women who need to be on their feet all day long at work. This makes these Mary Janes very suitable shoes for a standing job, such as nursing or being a sales clerk. They are very lightweight and you will find that they comfortably hug your feet. This is thanks to the hook and loop strap, which will allow you to fit them around your feet as well as you possibly can.


The outsoles feature a multi directional tread pattern, which are going to give you traction on whichever surface your job will throw at you. The shock absorbing insole is going to keep you light on your feet from the start of your working day to the finish of it. The insole is also removable, so you can easily replace it with something that is more to your liking, such as a Tread Lab insole.


Propet states that they come with a 1,000 mile guarantee. If you’re like me, you’re probably not counting the number of miles that you’re walking. So on one hand, you’ll have to take Propet’s word for it. On the other hand, with a  promise like that, and assuming you aren’t walking marathons in them, you should easily expect them to last at least a year. Footwear tends to last longer if you take care of it properly as well. So don’t forget to clean them up every once in a while.


While this isn’t your traditional style sneaker, they will find that they do fit very well. One Amazon reviewer wore these on a concrete floor for 12 hours, and that was after having several surgeries on the feet. This reviewer has stated that these shoes were, indeed, very comfortable.

Some are of the opinion that these shoes’ fit is fairly narrow, especially considering that they had ordered a wide width.

They are designed to be snug. Certainly not too tight. They stretch along with your foot, so they will break in quickly, if they need any breaking in at all.

They are very easy to put on and take off. This is partly thanks to the velcro strap. Some Amazon reviewers are of the opinion that the amount of velcro used is too little. It would’ve been more convenient had the velcro strap been longer.


These diabetic Mary Janes by Propet is a really great shoe for those of you who want to own a shoe that’s kind of like a tennis shoe, but without looking like a regular, clunky athletic shoe. As you can see with your own eye, they excel in simplicity, making them a great shoe for, say, a diabetic nurse that needs to stand up at the hospital all day long, and wants to look stylish doing so!

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