Orthofeet Wichita Orthopedic Orthotic Velcros For Women

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Are your feet hurting due to a painful foot affliction that you are suffering from? Well, then I have got news for you. If you’re a fan of user friendly shoes, then you’d do well to have a look at these women’s velcro walking shoes from Orthofeet. Not only are they stylish, sturdy, and therapeutic, but thanks to the velcro straps they are also very easy to put on and take off.

Many women have fallen in love with the Orthofeet Wichitas, because they are so comfortable and give such great support, all the while making you look totally smashing. Not only is this a top notch quality shoe, but it also falls in the so called ‘therapeutic’ footwear category.

On the Boot Bomb, I have written a lot about plantar fasciitis, since this is the most prevalent foot conditions there are. It’s also very painful. But over the past few months, I’ve been getting emails from men and women suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma is a very different condition than plantar fasciitis. In plantar fasciitis, your plantar fascia ligament (bottom of your foot) is chronically irritated and swollen. In Morton’s neuroma, it is the so called common digital plantar nerve which is chronically irritated and swollen. It leads to much pain, this much it has in common with plantar fasciitis. And much like plantar fasciitis, it will get worse if you let it fester and don’t undertake appropriate action to fix the underlying cause.

Orthofeet Wichita Ortopedic Women’s Velcros For Morton’s Neuroma

If you just so happen to be suffering from Morton’s neuroma, then these sporty walking shoes might very well offer a good solution for you.

They have been designed with a number of painful foot conditions in mind, making them some of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. They are suitable for many other conditions as well.

Lots Of Support

Orthofeet knows how to give a person good support. They have given these shoe a really decent outsole to begin with. The stock insole is also pretty good, since it is contoured and follows the natural lines of your foot. In between the insole and the outsole there are so called fitting spacers, which create that extra little bit of distance between your feet and the ground you walk on.

The anatomical arch support is sure to make you feel like you are standing firmly and proudly. It is designed to alleviate foot pain from all sorts of conditions, such as heel pain, arch pain, knee pain, ball of foot pain, or Morton’s neuroma.

If you are a big fan of walking comfortably, thanks to the latest in foot support technology from the best company in the world, then the Orthofeet Wichita is a shoe that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Lots Of Room

These shoes have been designed in order to give you loads of room, so that you will never have to feel restricted. The last thing a woman needs when she is already suffering from foot pain, is a shoe that is just too darn tight. Since these Orthofeet Wichitas have a non binding design, you’ll never have to worry about that. The shoes have a roomy design, which is very sturdy. You will never have the feeling that they are clamping down on your poor feet.

They also have extra depth, which is pretty common for therapeutic footwear for Morton’s neuroma. The front parts of these shoes are very stretchable, which is good news for Morton’s neuroma sufferers, since that’s where the neuroma takes hold. When you’ve got the feeling you’ve got a marble in between your toes from your neuroma, the first thing you need is a wide toe box, which stretches as well. And this shoe gives you precisely that!

Good Foot Motion

Thanks to Orthofeet’s trademarked Ergonomic Stride technology, your feet are going to be motivated to move naturally and with good support. Orthofeet attempts to give you that little spring in your step that makes you feel confident. You know that confident feeling you get from standing tall, proud and firmly… like a thick oak with thick roots planted firmly in the soil?

Too many people neglect their foot health and forget what it feels like to wear really good shoes that make them feel that way. Well, time to relive some good memories. And these Morton’s neuroma shoes are going to help you do just that!


The Orthofeet Wichita has pretty much all you could ever ask from it as a Morton’s neuroma sufferer. It’s roomy, stretchy, supportive, has velcro and simply makes you look smashing!

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