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Kingshow Men’s Water Resistant Winter Hiking Boots – Review

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Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. Now I know it’s taken a long time to get here. And many of you probably thought that it was never going to get here at all. But let’s face it folks, we’re darn near there. We are approaching the year’s end, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are going lower. We’re getting cold. But we want to be warm. So now we’ve got two choices. We can either sit around our homes and turn up the heat. Or we can put on our winter hikers and go for a manly walk in the outdoors, pretending we don’t give a rat’s patoot about 2 feet of snow getting up to our knees.

I’ve done this before and I’m about to do it again. I haven’t decided which trail I’ll be hitting come December and January, but it’s going down, I can tell you that. For winter hiking, you’ve gotta have some super solid boots, or you simply won’t last more than a minute out there. Unless your name is Cody Lundin and you are capable of trodding through the snow on your bare feet. I wouldn’t recommend trying it, as there’s a real chance that you’ll develop frostbite and lose some toes. That can even happen when you are wearing snow boots out in the cold, so I don’t even wanna know what would happen if you went snow hiking on your socks!

Enough about frostbite. It’s giving me shivers. Let’s dive into this really nice boot that I wanna review for my dear readers!

Kingshow Men’s Water Resistant Winter Hiking Boots – Review

This boot is made entirely of synthetic leather. Leather is probably the best material around these days. Nothing has ever come close to beating leather when it comes to flexibility and its ability to stretch along a little with as you break it in. Synthetic leather comes very close, though. These boots are great for protection from cold and will let your feet move naturally without constricting you in any way.

The soles are made of rubber, ofcourse. It’s what you’d expect from a hiking boot for winter time. It’s what you’d expect from any hiking boot, period. Without rubber soles, you might as well not start your hike at all. But thanks to the fact that these Kingshows have really nice, thick, durable rubber outsoles, you are definitely going to see these winter hiking boots last for the foreseeable future. Rubber soles give great traction as well.

Strong Points

For most people, these will fit as expected, with only a small minority being of the opinion that they ran a little too large or a little to small. They are water proof and also slip resistant, as well as oil resistant. Not that you’re likely to encounter oil spills when you’re trekking down a snowy path, but it’s a nice little extra bonus. They have leather uppers and are approximately 6″ high from the arch. The heels are approximately 1.5″.

These are some very cozy, warm winter boots that have been designed for wet and cold outdoor conditions. They come with microfiber and heat reflective lining, which maximizes your comfort and your warmth all day long, even if you’re trudging through thick snow for hours on end. These are duck boots that are lined with duck fuzz, which is really nice and warm.

These boots have lots of grip on the soles. Most likely, you will be of the opinion that they have a pretty snug fit. The waterproofing also works well in practice.


These boots can be a little bit hard to put on at first, when you’re not used to them yet. Some people are of the opinion that the tongue design is a tad bit on the annoying side. They’re cheap. You could see this as a pro, rather than a con. But with cheap boots, you shouldn’t expect the performance from more expensive boots.

Buyer beware. Think about how you want to utilize these trekking boots. They are very well suited for a newbie hiker, going on his/her very first winter hike. As an experienced hiker, you may want to consider bringing these boots along as a pair of backups. They don’t weigh very much, so they won’t weigh you down. Although a pair of backups is always going to take up space in your pack.

If you’re not going to hike in them, you can always use them for city wear. The city won’t go as rough on your boots as your average, outdoor hiking trail will. I’m confident that they’ll last longer in the city than they will outdoors.

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