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Your Guide To Top Rated High Cut Rubber Boots For Winter Outdoor Adventures And Camping

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mucks1Original Tall MuckBoots For Winter, Backbacking And Chores

If you’re a boot guy, no doubt you’ll have heard of Muckboots. They’re an all time favorite with boot lubbers all around the world. I’ve owned many of them in my lifetime. I just purchased a new pair myself because I love the feel of a good pair of mucks. The great thing is that they give you really great, heavy duty protection, despite the fact that they are in fact lightweight boots. These are tall, synthetic boots. The soles are pure rubber. The achilles heel is well enforced to ensure you stand tall and proud in these boots.

No matter what kind of chore you’ve got on your hands… the Muckboots are always going to be comfortable. They have a type of lining that makes them breathable. That’s necessary, because if air can’t get out of your boots, then you’re going to have a bad time. You know that feeling with old school boots where your tootsies just keep on heating up until they make your toes feel like hot pockets? That’s because of bad breathability. Warm air should be able to get out, but cold air should not be able to get in. And these boots do a really great job at insulating your feet from mother nature’s elements.

These boots have a gathered collar, making them extra good at keeping outside elements at bay. Seamless seams aren’t enough these days. Sure, they do a great job of keeping pebbles outside of your boot instead of inside, but they can still usually get in through the opening at the top. But Muckboots tend to be much better at this than most other boots. They’ll prevent pretty much anything from falling into your boot and bugging you while you are trying to do your work. But it’s not just pebbles that these boots will keep out of there. Mud and water also pretty much do not stand a chance.

mucks2Speaking of water… these boots are 100% waterproof, as you may have already guessed from their rugged appearance. The waterproofness not only creates the benefit of keeping yourself high and dry during your working activities… it also means that they are extremely easy to clean off. They require next to zero maintenance. All you need to do, is hold them under running water for a few seconds. The dirt washes right off. Now that’s what I call a low maintenance boot. You’ll be feeling like you’re wearing new boots every day of the week. And waterproof technology is getting better all the time. Soon enough, there will be boots that repel dirt and need no cleaning at all.

Muckboots’ original adult chore boots are a so called ‘all conditions’ type of footwear. That means they’re not only very suitable for working in the yard after a big storm. You can also wear them at winter, when you’re taking a walk and snow is piled up on the streets inches thick. I’ve also worn these boots when taking a walk in a rainy and muddy forest. No problems there. I was stepping through thick mud puddles and I wasn’t feeling a single drop. These babies will last for years if you treat them well.

The lining on these boots is airmeshed. This creates great breathability, like I already mentioned earlier. But just because they’re breathable, it doesn’t mean they’re not suitable for extremely cold weather. Remember… warm air can get out, but cold air can’t get in. These boots will keep you warm even in temperatures way below zero. But not for many hours in a row. If you want to stay warm in winter the whole day… get a whole different kind of boot. One that’s actually made for it. Muckboots also has an arctic version of these boots. It performs better in cold than the standard ones.

mucks3The great thing about these boots is that they come with a kick rim. That way, you can easily kick’em right off your feet without having to bend over and tug at them. A good boot should be able to let itself be kicked off. If you don’t have kickers, you’ve got crappy boots. That’s my belief, anyway. Next to being able to be kicked off, a good boot should also let itself be put on fairly easily. These boots have a flexible top. Putting them on is as much of a breeze as taking them off.

The downside to a great high cut boot brand such as this, is that there are always going to be companies that want to knock them off. Be careful when you’re out shopping for Muckboots. You’ve gotta be sure that you are getting the real deal and not some cheap knock off. Only the real Muckboots will give you the quality you are looking for.

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