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Having a good pair of shoes is essential. They protect your feet from hazards on a construction site and can make a great fashion accessory. Despite their importance, many people don’t take care of their shoes. This can cost you, as you need to keep replacing them. Whether they be lightweight joggers, nursing clogs, or heavy duty tactical boots, let’s look at some basic shoe care tips you can use to keep your shoes looking great and lasting longer.

General Tips

Regardless of what type of shoe you wear, there are a few simple things you can do to help them last longer. First, you might want to alternate between the shoes that you wear. This will prevent moisture from your feet building up and damaging the shoe. Wearing socks, which absorb moisture, are another great way of reducing the amount of moisture in your shoes. In addition, if your shoes get wet you should make sure they are dry before placing them back into the closet. Putting damp shoes into a dark closet might encourage mold growth. If the shoes start to smell unpleasant you might want to swab the inside with an antibacterial agent. This will kill any bacteria that might be causing the smell. Finally, when storing your shoes, make sure there is ample space between them. Ideally, there should be a few centimeters to allow the shoes to breathe. However, the best way to ensure the longevity of your shoes is by choosing shoes that have been made from the best materials.

Choosing High-Quality Shoes

Often, the best way to make sure that your shoes last for a long time is by choosing high-quality footwear. To measure the quality of the shoe, check the sole. It should be thick enough to protect your shoes and strong enough to last for a long time. Also, consider the type of materials the shoes are made from. Look at the stitching, avoiding products with uneven or loose stitching. You might also want to check online reviews. In addition, consider the purpose of the shoe. Take for example tactical boots, which offer many advantages for mainstream, casual wear. These and other kinds of boots, such as hike or work boots, offer thick, protective soles and great support for your heels. You should also make sure that the shoes fit you.

Making sure that your shoes fit will help you make sure that they are comfortable to wear. To find the best fit, make sure to visit the store in the afternoon. Your feet will expand throughout the day. Also, use the same type of socks that you would usually wear. In addition, make sure that there is enough room to wiggle your toes. You should also consider the amount of support for your heels. The shoes shouldn’t slip or pinch you when you walk. Finally, the best way to test shoes is by walking around the store and measuring how comfortable you feel in them.


One of the most popular types of shoes is leather. These can be used for formal occasions or to protect your feet on tough worksites. There are a few simple things you can do make sure your leather lasts longer. First, you should you air-dry the shoes. Stuffing the shoes with newspaper might help absorb the moisture. You should also make sure that you keep your leather shoes away from any sources of heat, as this may distort the material and cause the shoe to lose its shape. Depending on how often you wear your shoes, you might want to add a thicker outer sole. This will help your shoes last longer in difficult conditions. In addition, you can add waterproofing to the outside of the shoe, protecting them from water damage. You might also want to consider using a shoe tree. These are placed into the shoes when you aren’t wearing them. They help absorb additional moisture and make sure that the leather doesn’t lose its shape.  Finally, if you have difficulty getting into your shoes, consider using a shoe horn. You place your feet into this device and it helps you slide into the shoe. One of the biggest advantages of a shoe horn is that it stops you stepping on the heel, which may affect the integrity of the shoe. One of the best ways to care for your leather shoes is by polishing them.

Polishing leather shoes helps them look great, but it also helps extend their lifespan. To polish your shoes, you need to remove any dirt and grime present on the shoe. Then, you should put a small amount of polish on an old rag and rub it onto the shoe. Rub the polish into the leather in small, circular motions. Next, remove any remaining polish using a shoe brush. For the best result, make your brush strokes as fast as possible. Finally, when the polish is dried, you can use a soft cloth to buff the leather. To keep your shoes looking their best you should polish them once a week if you wear them regularly. If you only wear them for special occasions, polish every month. Now that we understand how to care your leather shoes, let’s look at caring for canvas shoes.

Canvas And Fabric

Canvas and fabric are some of the most popular shoe materials. Often, these are described as some of the most comfortable types of shoe available. The best ways to care for these materials is to make sure that they are dry before you put them away. This will prevent them from developing unpleasant odors. It will also stop bacteria from growing in the shoes, which may make you sick. In addition, because they’re worn so frequently they can often get dirty. While some people clean them in a washing machine, you should avoid this. The heat inside the machine will break down the adhesives, shortening the lifespan of the shoes. Instead, you should clean your shoes by hand.

Keeping your canvas or fabric shoes clean will make sure they look great and last for longer. You can start by clapping the shoes together, to remove any excess dirt. Then, remove the shoelaces, which you can safely put in the washing machine. Next, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water and dishwashing detergent. Wash the shoes in this solution. You can scrub any tough stains with a soft bristled brush. If the shoes have started to smell unpleasant, scrub the inside with a baking soda and water solution. This will kill any bacteria inside the shoes. Finally, leave the shoes to dry.


A great pair of boots is key to getting through long hikes, offering superior support to the ankle and heel. However, they can also frequently be expensive, often costing over $100. So, you want to make sure that you care for them properly. First, you should undo the laces after each use. This allows air to circulate through the shoe. Also, it will make it easier to get into the shoe without stepping on the heel, which may damage it. You also give the shoes plenty of time to dry before you put them away. In addition, remove the insoles after each hike. The insoles absorb moisture, so they will need to be replaced frequently. There are also some things you should consider while hiking.

One of the biggest reasons to purchase a pair of tacticals is to make sure your feet are supported during outdoor activities, like hikes. First, when you purchase the shoes, go on shorter hikes. This will give the shoes time to adjust to the shape of your feet. You should also seal leather boots with waterproofing to help protect them from the elements. In addition, plan your route to avoid walking into saltwater. This can cause rusting on the eyelets of the shoes. Often these eyelets can be difficult and expensive to replace. Finally, you should keep your boots clean. You can use the same method we described for cleaning leather shoes.


Suede is considered a luxurious type of shoe, often being quite expensive. To protect this investment, it’s important to care for these shoes correctly. One of the most important things you can do is waterproof the fabric before you wear it. The fabric contains silicone which needs to be protected from the rain. It’s recommended that you test the waterproofing spray on a small, non-visible part of the shoe first. This ensures that it won’t affect the fabric’s color or texture. You can use a suede block to clean any stains or dirt from the fabric. For tougher stains, you can use a soft bristled brush. It’s important to remember to only brush the fabric in one direction, to keep the material looking it’s best.


Taking care of your shoes is one of the best ways to make them last for a long time. This will save you money, as you don’t need to replace them as often. You’ll also be able to remove stains to keep them looking at their best. We discussed some of the most popular types of fabric and how to care for each of them. So, take care of your favorite pairs of shoes today.

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