Top 7 Desserts to Enjoy At Your Campfire

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Desserts are usually an afterthought when it comes to camp cooking. After all, preparing the main course itself is time-consuming, not to mention that you are working with limited resources. As a result, most campers resort to unhealthy granola snacks and candy bars as their desserts. However, it doesn’t always have to be like this. There are hundreds of delicious camping desserts, which are easy and fast to prepare. If you are going for a camping trip, here are some delicious desserts that you can prepare and enjoy at your campfire.

Campfire Apple Crisp

The campfire apple crisp is a traditional camping dessert, which you can enjoy whenever you go outdoors. Apart from being a delicious dessert, the campfire apple crisp is easy to prepare and only takes a few minutes to be ready. Also, it uses common camping ingredients, which means you don’t have to bring additional supplies. The ingredients you will need for this dessert are 6 tablespoons of flour, half a cup of oats, a quarter cup of granulated sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, 3 apples, some nutmeg, some lemon juice, and some bourbon. To prepare it, you should first pre-heat the skillet over a camp stove or campfire. As the skillet heats, you should be cutting the apples into thin slices. Once you’ve finished slicing the apples, toss them in the skillet and let allow them to cook until they start releasing some liquid. You should then add the cinnamon, brown sugar and the rest of the ingredients mix them together and allow them to cook until they become thick. Your meal will be ready within 20 to 30 minutes.

Banana Boats

A campfire banana boat is another easy to prepare dessert that you can prepare when camping with your family and friends. You just take a ripe banana, split it in half and then stuff it with various toppings and ingredients, and then place it over your campfire. When adding the toppings, don’t overdo it. Adding too many toppings will give you a hard time when trying to wrap the banana with the foil. Once you’ve wrapped your banana completely, you then need to place it over the campfire and allow the toppings to melt. Once it’s ready, you should then remove it from the fire using a pair of tongs, and allow it to cool down a little.

Campfire Grilled Peaches with Yoghurt

Ice cream is arguably one of the most popular desserts, especially when the weather is warm. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to keep ice cream frozen when you are camping out there in the woods, even if you have an ice-packed cooler. And this is where yogurt comes in. You just need to keep yogurt cool, and you can use it to prepare a wide range of desserts, such as the campfire grilled peaches with yogurt. First, cut the peaches along the seams and then apply some oil and brown sugar on the freshly cut sides. After that, you should then place cut pieces over the heat, facing down. Allow them to cook for 5 minutes, remove them from the fire and then serve them with Greek yogurt.

Coffee Can Ice Cream

The coffee can ice cream is a creamy, sweet dessert, which is perfect for those warm summer evenings. If you are camping as a whole family, your children will enjoy helping you prepare this delicious dessert. And since it doesn’t require any actual cooking, it will be ready in 15 minutes or less. To prepare this dessert, you will need one egg, two empty coffee cans, salt, sugar, vanilla, and crushed ice. One of the coffee cans should be slightly larger. First, you should place all the ingredients apart from the ice inside the smaller coffee can, and then secure the lid with the duct tape. You should then place the smaller coffee can inside the larger one and then fill up the remaining space using the ice. Secure the lid of the larger can with duct tape, and then allow the two cans to sit for a while. After 15 minutes or so, remove the smaller can from the larger one, and then serve your dessert.

Grilled Shortcake

If you are running out dessert options that can prepare during your camping trip, then you should consider grilled shortcake. It’s a delicious, easy to prepare as well as a unique dessert, which will leave everyone licking their lips. To prepare it, you will need one pineapple, strawberries, whipped cream, and one cubed shortcake. You should then cut the strawberries, the shortcake, and the pineapple into equal-sized pieces. You can either make the shortcake or purchase any of your preferred flavors. After that, you should then arrange these ingredients on a skewer, and then grill them over your campfire, until the shortcake is well grilled.

Campfire Monkey Bread

The campfire monkey bread is a favorite camping dessert among children. What adds to the fun is that it’s usually eaten by hand. To make this dessert, you will need some biscuits, ordinary sugar, Ziploc bag, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, and some aluminum foils. First, cut the biscuits into sizeable pieces and put them aside. After that, mix half a cup of sugar with two tablespoons of cinnamon inside the Ziploc bag, and then drop your biscuits inside. Ensure each piece of the biscuit is fully coated with the sugar and cinnamon moisture, remove them and place them aside. Melt some butter over the fire and then mix it with the brown sugar. Sprinkle this mixture onto the biscuit pieces, wrap them in foil and then cook them over the campfire, until all the pieces are well cooked.

Dutch Oven Fudge Squares

For this dessert, you will need some butter, half a cup of cocoa, flour, sugar, vanilla, and 3 beaten eggs. First, you should preheat the Dutch oven van to around 350 degrees. Heating the Dutch up to 350 degrees will take quite some time. However, you can speed up the process by placing some additional charcoal briquettes on the lid of the oven. You will also require some heat-resistant gloves, which you will use to move the oven and open its lid. As your oven heats up, place some cocoa and butter in a pan. Heat the pan until the butter melts, and then mix them together, to obtain a uniform mixture. Add this mixture to the sugar, vanilla, egg and flour mixture and then mix thoroughly. Once you’ve obtained a uniform mixture, pour it onto the oven, and then place the lid back. You should then allow it to bake for 50 minutes or thereof.

Closing Remarks

As you can see, you don’t always have to roast s’mores as your dessert whenever you go for a camping trip. You have numerous types of desserts that you can prepare over the campfire and add some culinary variety to your camping trip. And the good news is that most of the above desserts will only require a few minutes to prepare, leaving you with more than enough time to share stories over the campfire.

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