Your Guide to Choosing Affordable, Yet Quality Soccer Cleats

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If you love to play soccer whether as a hobby or you are a member of a soccer team, you should consider getting yourself a good pair of soccer cleats that will help you improve your game and at the same time will not be too much of a burden for your wallet. It is essential that you get the right shoes for yourself for playing soccer, if you want to perform well when walking onto the field. Soccer cleats have spikes to make sure that players do not slide and fall while running up and down the soccer field, which is usually made of grass.

Before you go to a nearby sports store and buy the first pair in sight, you should first consider some useful tips that will help you choose the right one.

Buy from a Reputable Sports Store

You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a store where you are going to shell out your hard earned cash for them. For one, you can buy them from brick and mortar sports stores, that sell not only soccer shoes, but also other kinds of sports shoes and athletic wear and equipment for all kinds of sports. Another option is to buy them online. You can find hundreds of online stores that sell sportswear and soccer shoes.

If you want to get great deals on affordable soccer cleats, you should wait for bargains or sales or you can use coupons.

Pick a Great Brand

When it comes to purchasing footwear for playing soccer, you should also consider buying from a known brand such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, or Umbro, to name a few. It is best to buy from a well known brand, because then you can be sure that you shall receive quality footwear for your hard earned cash. Moreover, real athletes also wear these brands when they are playing profesionally. In my view, this is a great social validation that the brand is of high quality. It’s not like these professional players would wear them just because it makes them a few bucks. The shoes actually have to be top notch quality, or it will screw up their game. Again, if you want to save money, but still buy cleats of a well known brand, you can always use coupons or wait for sales.

Consider the Design

Soccer cleats are divided into three categories. The first group are those that are lightweight to improve your speed. The second group are those that enhance your technique, like your swerve or your shot. The third group are those that aim to increase your accuracy. You need to think about whichever one it is that you want to improve in your game. Then simply go for the pair of cleats that matches your goal.

Choose the Right Material

Soccer cleats are generally made from two different materials—genuine leather and synthetic leather. Genuine leather is soft, flexible, and non-chafing. However, it is also more expensive. On the other hand, synthetic leather is more durable and is less expensive. If your limited budget is an important consideration, the better option for you is the synthetic leather material.

Consider Trying on the Shoes

Even if you are only looking to buy a pair of the cheapest possible cleats (just for getting started), it is still your right as a buyer to try on the shoes if you are perusing them in a physical brick & mortar store. Trying shoes on is always a good idea if you want to be absolutely sure that they’ll fit well. And let’s be honest… even cheap shoes are going to last for at least a few months. So they ought to fit comfortably, even if you’re only shelling out fifty bucks for them.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Keep in mind whether you are buying your cleats for indoor play or outdoor play. Outdoor cleats have lugs that will let you get a firm grip on the grass. Indoor cleats don’t have these and don’t need them either.

If you’re buying outdoor cleats for indoor play or vice versa, then you will have wasted your money. That’s a good way of making even the cheapest ones an expensive purchase.

This is a mistake that is sometimes made by new players. So if you’re new to the sport and can’t wait to begin, keep this in mind. It just so happens we have a page up on indoor cleats. Check back later for a page on outdoor ones.

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