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BOBS From Skechers Women’s Plush Peace & Love Flat

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A lot of people these days spend much of their day standing straight up. This is especially true for people who work in retail. But retail is by no means the only job that requires standing up for long hours all day. Think of nurses, who spend their entire day in a hospital, running from one place to the next. Or what about police offers that are out there on the streets, attempting to protect and serve all of us. There are many more jobs that I’m sure I’ve never even thought of, that require a person to do a lot of standing in a day.

But even when you are not standing up all day at work, then you’ll still spend lots of your day standing. You can have a sitting job and think you’re safe from the grave dangers of standing up for too long. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Even people with sitting jobs spend lots of time standing up, when walking to work, walking at work, walking from work, and walking around the block after coming home from work. You’re walking around in your own home on your way to the fridge to reward yourself for all that standing up you’ve done during the day. You’re standing more often than you think. So long story short… everybody needs good shoes for standing, whether you know it or not.

Today, I am reviewing the women’s BOBS Pls Peace & Love Flat, which is an excellent shoe for standing straight up on.

BOBS From Skechers Plus Peace & Love Flat For Standing All Day – Review

First of all, let’s look at the facts. These BOBS by Skechers are made of textile and have a synthetic/textile sole. Their heels are around 0.25″, which makes them good for women who care more for comfort rather than style. They have that classic slip on with a goring wedge, which is flexible and makes it easy for you to put them on and take them off. They are designed to conform to your feet, thanks to the memory foam footbed.

Memory Foam

The memory foam is going to give you very long lasting support, although it does flatten out a little bit after a few months. This is true for most memory foam shoes that I know of, however. So it’s not really a reason to deduct points from this shoe’s review. Memory foam is still a great way to create an almost customized type of foot support for standing all day. And if you are indeed standing all day, then that memory foam is going to conform to your feet quickly enough. And once it’s in shape, it will stay in shape.


The Peace & Love flats are very suitable for running errands, taking a walk or just walking around the house as you go about your daily chores. Do you like to travel? Guess what, these shoes are great for that, since they are so comfortable and will support you well while you walk from one location to the next. Enjoy your vacation, rather than being held back by painful feet. Your other option is to go with sandals. But sandals are open and will let sticks, dirt and stones in. These BOBS/Skechers closed shoes for standing and walking around all day, won’t let that happen to you.


More often than not, wearing highly supportive shoes means that you are going to have to put up with something bulky on your feet. Not true with these BOBS by Skechers. As you can see, they are simple in their design. Minimally so, even. They give you comfort as well as good support for standing for long hours.

They are available in a small range of colors, none of which are especially bright. But that’s just this flat’s style. It keeps things simple and it keeps things real.


Most people are of the opinion this shoe fits as expected. Some are of the opinion that it runs a tad big or small. But since it’s so stretchy, this also makes it a good standing shoe for wide feet. You’ll have to guess your best size and return them if it turns out they’re not a good fit.

Since the BOBS/Skechers have been designed to give you both comfort as well as space, these are good flats for bunions or other kinds of foot problems, where you simply want to relieve pressure from a certain area on your foot, in order to give your foot the breathing room to heal itself.

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