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How To Choose The Best Military/Army Boots For Hiking, Hunting & Snowy Winter Expeditions?

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There are many manufacturers which are creating boots for the noble sport of hiking all around the world. It’s a great thing to have a great offer. But there is a problem with having this many manufacturers. When shopping for boots, you will quickly find that not all manufacturers’ boots are of the same sizes, even when the sizes are claimed to be the same on the boxes. It’s always a good idea to have a trained shoe salesman confirm your actual size. When determining your foot size, you will need to pay attention to the length as well as the width. The importance of the width is underestimated, because under the load of a heavy backpack… your feet tend to spread out. You have to have a good pair of boots of the exact right size and also the right quality. The outdoor life gets tougher with every passing hour. They need to be good enough that they will last you a long time and give you good support, even when you are burdoning them with yourself (plus the added weight of your hiking backpack) for extended periods of time.

Whether you call yourself a hiker, a backpacker, a camper, a trekker or an expeditionist… your boots are the most essential part of your total gear. If you can not keep your feet dry, comfortable and well protected from the outside elements, you might as well cancel your trip, because it’s not going to work. Your boots are the most important investment that you will ever make. When you have just purchased a new pair of boots, then they will have to be broken in. Do not throw away your old pair just like that. You will want to be able to fall back onto something in case your new boots are chafing your or giving you blisters. You will have to pay more money for good quality boots, but believe you me when I tell you that it is totally worth the investment. The difference between cheap and expensive footwear is one of day and night. Higher quality (and thus more expensive) boots will easily carry your farther than cheap ones. And they’ll do it faster and safer too.

If you make the mistake of going with a pair of cheap boots, then there is a very real chance of ruining your well researched trip, before you have even started it. There are several models when it comes to hiking boots. A big distinction is in how high they are cut. You’ve got your low cut day hikers, you’ve got your mid ankle hikers and you’ve got your high cut heavy duty boots. The latter are almost always waterproof. Low cut day hikers are a really great option for when you want to go on a short hike for a day (as the name suggests). Be sure to not be packing too heavily. A good trekking boot must always have deeply lugged soles, usually made of tough rubber. This will prevent you from slipping on smooth surfaces. You must have plenty of friction between your soles and the surface you walk on. But soles aren’t merely for providing you with better traction. They will also help in absorbing shocks, which in turn cushions your feet and makes your hiking experience smoother. A good pair of boots should be a primary safety concern for anybody who intends to venture into the great outdoors. Do not go for a certain pair of boots simply because they are on sale and you are looking to save a buck. You should always go for the best boots you can find. Your feet will be grateful that you’ve done so. And in the end, so will you.

If you are going to go all out on, say, a week long backpacking trip… then you are going to need good balance. A generaly rule of thumb is that you need heavier boots the heavier the load is that you carry. It’s also possible that your trip takes place through city streets, which is a completely different kind of terrain than the outdoors is. You can easily get sore feet when you are switching terrains and walking on it for an extended period of time. You will want to avoid sore feet at all costs. You can easily lose your walking enthusiasm when your feet punish you for every few hours walked. It’s best to avoid tired feet altogether. So go with a good pair of travel shoes or boots and also get yourself a pair of extra thick and soft socks.

If you are trying on a new pair of boots for a hiking trip, then make sure to lace them all the way up the same way you would if you were actually hiking. Then walk around the store and get a good feel for them. If the store just so happens to have a stairs or another kind of incline, then by all means… try them out. Not many people will go out of their way to try out their new boots. Even though they should. So stand on the balls of your feet and try to wiggle around a bit. Your feet should not be moving around too much. Also make sure to check your heels. They should not be slipping up and down. Slipping is really bad, because this can cause many blisters. Also try to stand on your toes. Are the boots restricting your movement a lot? Then you may want to keep looking and try a few others. It is also a very good idea to wear your new boots for a few days in order to get them broken in. Do this before you go on your hiking trip. You’ll be glad you did. Plenty of people before you have attempted going onto the trail with new boots, which they hadn’t broken in yet. It did not end well for them. Trust me when I tell you to get those puppies broken in before the hike. If you didn’t know this yet, then this is the most important thing you’ll learn today!

What Gear Do You Need For A Safe, Snowy Mountain Trekking Expedition?


If you’re like me, working long hours most of the time all throughout the year, then I’m pretty sure you will want a break from it all every once in a while. You can either sit at home to play games and watch television, or you can get out there and get some exciting action in the outdoors. Now I know there is usually plenty of action to be had in daily life as well. But the fact of the matter is that you can’t get a thrill like the one you can get from taking on a towering peak. High altitude treks are some of the best you will ever have. I think back to the Indian Himalayas fairly frequently. If you’ve gone on relatively tame trekking trails in the past and you are looking for a bigger challenge, then visiting the Himalayan ranges might be a good idea for you. Be careful though… you will encounter lots of snow. If you are planning on such a tour, then you are going to need to equip yourself with plenty of gear. I have made a small checklist for you to have a look at before you take off.



The Himalayas are totally draped in snow. This region is known for the bone chilling cold that it will throw at you mercilessly, every second of every minute. You will do well to pack some clothes of wool. You are going to need every bit of warmth you can get. Don’t just pack thermal clothing, however. Make sure to also include some cotton stuff. If you ever find yourself packing your bags for a Himalaya expedition, then make sure to include the following:

  • Trekking boots which are totally water proof
  • A good wind cheater
  • A jacket made of pure down
  • Shirts and sweaters that are made of wool
  • Trousers made of wool
  • Underwear, pants and shirts made of cotton
  • Calf length skirts if you are a woman, and shorts if you are a man
  • Multiple pairs of underwear, and also woolen underwear
  • A hat made of wool
  • Socks made of cotton
  • Socks and gloves made of wool
  • A good raincoat that will protect you from any storms that occur on the Himalayan peaks
  • Other personal accessories that you might think of


Next to clothing, you will also want to be carrying other types of accessories with you. Think of a good sun hat, which must have a wide brim for good protection. But also include sun goggles or sun glasses. A good set of boots is needed in order to keep a good grip on snowy terrain. But if you can’t protect yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, then you are still going to have a bad time, despite the fact that your footwear is awesome.

Personal Care And First Aid

When venturing into the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, you aren’t going to find any convenience stores around. It will be hard to get by any medical supplies you might need. Most people I know that go out on a trip like this, will always be carrying a first aid kit with them. Your typical first aid kid will contain medicines for a whole slew of ailments, but also pain killers, antiseptic cream and crepe bandages. It is also a good idea to take along some stuff with which to protect your skin. If you’re going somewhere where it’s sunny, you’d bring mosquito repellent, wouldn’t you? Then also make sure to pack lip balm when going to the Himalayas. Other stuff I can think of right off the top of my head are moisturizer and sunscreen. These can really help.

Bring Some Yummy Snacks With You

Trekking into snowy, high altitude terrains is going to be very demanding of your body. Make sure to bring a bottle of water. This has to be at least a liter, but I prefer two. You will need to refill your carbohydrates for energy, so bring foods with glucose in them. Energy bars, lozenges, dry fruits and all the other stuff you can come up with. It all helps. Heck, you might even throw in a bit of chocolate to do yourself a favor. You deserve a reward for all this hardship. A good snack and something to drink can give you that much needed motivational boost that you will sometimes need when you are running low on energy and high on boredom.

Other Stuff You Need To Be Carrying


There’s a bunch more things that I think should be in your backpack, including:

  • A well working flash light with an extra set of batteries
  • A swiss army knife
  • A few plastic bags for putting stuff in
  • Pens and notebooks so you can jot things down
  • A high quality camera with extra batteries and a very large sd card

That last one is especially important. Bring that camera, so you can make loads of pictures during your trekking adventure In these modern times, you can’t afford to have a special experience and then not document it. Every single bit of scenery deserves to be captured for all eternity!

Summarizing It All

All of the stuff mentioned above is going to increase the chances of you having a successful trip. But whatever you do, don’t go on a trip like this when you’re not motivated. Brings lots of enthusiasm, too. If you don’t, you’re dead already. Trust me when I tell you that trekking in the Himalayas is no easy feat. It’s certainly not for everybody. You will need to be in good shape. Proper preparation will make the difference between a good trek and a bad trek. If you’re going to do the trek, also do the preparation.

Military Boots – What Are They?


It’s possible that you will want to go on an outdoor adventure, other than a hike or a snowy peak trek. Think of expeditions, military research, or any other kind of adventure. Then you need army boots. These are boots which are designed to provide you with lots of protection and comfort during such missions. Usually, they will have a number of benefits and features, unique to them.

Military organizations, the army, the navy and the air force all have one thing in common: they plan and execute really tough missions, often on unfriendly terrain. These kinds of missions are quite a different ball game than your average hike. More often than not, these kinds of operations are carried out as part of modern day warfare. These kinds of experiences can be hard on any soldier, no matter how well trained he or she might be. Sometimes, military people will have to spend many months or even years out in the wild or in the desert, while they carry out research for important military operations. Naturally, if you are in such a position, you are expected to be wearing your appropriate uniform. You will also have to be wearing some pretty high quality shoes that are able to protect your feet every moment of every day. When going out on a research mission or any other kind of expedition, then you will have to be weraing some seriously heavy duty footwear. And that’s pretty much where army boots come in. They were designed and made with operations such as this one in mind. They come with a number of features that you absolutely have to have.


These types of boots are known to be extremely durable. They will have to be. And for this reason, they are usually made of nylon, or nylon-like materials, but also tan leather. Any type of cowhide leather is going to give a boot an extremely high durability, because this stuff is indeed very tough and long lasting. You will also find some very unique locks, zippers, lashes and soles on military boots (some people call them combat boots or army boots). Protection is extremely important. You will have to have much protection as well as comfort. Otherwise you would not be able to keep them on.

Army boots are known to do a good job at preventing abrasion. They are also very good at keeping extremely temperatures (both cold and heat) out. You can easily use combat boots in very hot weather conditions. But you can also use them during the winter, when it’s snowing and it’s slippery out. They are also suited for rocky terrains, muddy terrains, jungle terrains and the sandy terrains (the desert). They are made of extremely high quality materials and as such are not easily damaged. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it just so happens that they are also very easy to maintain. You are unlikely to ever develop any sort of foot problem in these boots. Most of them are also marketed to be eco friendly. Not sure how important that is to you, but there you have it.


Military footwear is very solid in nature. You won’t see anything like it on other types of boots. They will easily last for many years, even when being used intensively. When they have outlived their use to you, you can recycle them (hence the eco friendliness) or you can simply give them away. Even a pair of worn military boots will still be in good enough shape that you can still sell them for cold hard cash.

You can buy these sorts of boots online. There are a number of brands available to you. There are also multiple online outlets which retail these. I’m sure you will want to research which dealer is the most reliable when you are shelling out for a good pair of army boots. Be sure to read the reviews, if you can find them. Or contact the dealer directly and ask him about his goods.

In summary, you will need army footwear if you are doing heavy duty tourism, desert expeditions, military field research, or any other such activity. These quality boots will give you maximum comfort as well as protection at all times.

What Can Army Boots Can Do For Your Foot Health?


Your footwear can have a bigger impact on your health and your physical well being than you think. If you do not research your own footwear properly, you are at risk of suffering discomfort constantly. If you are frequently engaging in heavy physical work, then you will require the best military boots that you can get your hands on. You would be amazed how many people are wearing the wrong shoes. And they are suffering needlessly because of that. Foot health is very important. You can bust your knees for good if you’re not careful. You do not want to be suffering from constant pain in your legs, heels, ankles and calves. You will develop permanent problems if you keep this up long enough. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you buy a good pair of boots for yourself.

Some people will feel that military shoes are kind of overkill for anything other than a military operation. But the great thing about overkill is that it works! Combat boots are the highest quality kind of footwear there is. This footwear excels in durability, comfort and lightweightness. You can be wearing these kinds of boots around the clock, basically. You are unlikely to ever suffer any blisters in them, even if you are sweating profusely. They are very suitable for pretty much all the weather conditions that you can think of. That’s just how flexible they are. Whether you are walking around in a dusty, humid, cold, hot or slippery environment… these boots will save your day.


Military gear is designed with difficult physical activity in mind. Typically, soldiers will engage in hard training for many hours in large groups. These guys will always be wearing army boots. When you are enlisted in the army, nothing less than this will suffice. Unless you’re the cook, ofcourse. But chances are higher you’ll be carrying a rifle. If you are naturally adventurous, then you should definitely consider going for this type of military boot. Even if you aren’t fighting overseas, but you are ‘merely’ hiking, rafting, mountaineering, trailing, trekking, hiking, camping, or backpacking… then get yourself the best military boots you can afford. They will usually cost a pretty penny, but they are worth it. It’s a very good investment, because they last so long. And they last long because of their extremely high quality materials.

Army footwear has plenty of attractive features that may make you want to buy them for your next outdoor adventure. They are lightweight, but thanks to their excellent soles they will still provide you with heavy duty grip and traction on every terrain that you can imagine. You won’t be suffering any strained ankles, tired feet, broken foot bones, plantar fasciitis or any other kind of foot problem in these boots. Not even when you are walking for hours. The great thing about tacticals is that they adjust to the weather conditions. They will provide you with extreme comfort. Whether it’s extremely cold or extremely hot… your feet will be protected from all of it. You feet will always be the exact right temperature, no matter what environment you happen to find yourself in.

Most online footwear stores will be carrying a good pair of combat boots at any given time. So if you’re looking to purchase a pair, then doing some online research will likely pay off quickly. You can get boots in a pretty wide range of styles, designs, colors and looks. A lot of people like it when they look all rough, because this gives them a certain look and feel that makes the wearer looks tough as well. Good military footwear will always cost at least $100. The more you pay, the more quality you will get. Higher priced boots will pay off in the long run, because they last longer. With a pair of boots that last that long, you can also expect a lot of comfort. Because how could you ever exhaust their entire lifespan if they weren’t comfortable? Military footwear is among the best investment that any boot buyer will ever make.

What Sort Of Survival / Hunting Gear For Your Next Expedition?

Hunting trips are sometimes also referred to as an expedition, because of its survivalist nature, which it has in common with military operations. If you are going into the wilderness where you are at risk of running into dangerous animals, then you are going to have to be prepared. There are plenty of wilderness terrains in the US alone, where you can possibly run into a wild grizzly bear. You may want to bring along some hunting gear with you. And you’re going to need more than solid, reliable footwear if you want to stand a chance of surviving. If you are dead serious about going on a hunting expedition, then please keep reading to learn what you will need to bring.

Hunting Boots And Body Gear


When preparing for a hunting trip, start with you boots as well as your clothes. These are absolutely essential for a good hunt. Depending on what kind of weather conditions you are heading into, you will need a particular type of clothing. The problem with rain jackets as well as any other kind of nylon jacket, is that they produce lots of noise when you are moving about. This makes them unsuitable for a going hunting. It’s best to go with wool and/or cotton. You are going to have to be stealthy if you are hunting for, for example, deer. Make a sound and they’re gone, so it’s best to be as quiet as possible. As for your pants… jeans are also known to be a bit noisy. However, if you insist on wearing jeans during a hunt, it’s best to wear soft jeans to minimize the noise. And then comes the hunting boots. I’ve done some research and have come to conclude that Browning and Coleman are pretty much the bee’s knees when it comes to buying the best hunting boots. Pretty much all your gear should be a match with your environment. This is the noble art of camouflaging yourself.

Other Hunting Equipment


Most hunters I’ve seen make sure that they carry a rifle that allows him to fire at long ranges. Every rifle that is reasonably priced, is going to have certain advantages and disadvantages with regards to some other rifle at the same price point. For people who are new to hunting, it is usually best to start out with a lightweight hunting rifle in order to get into the groove. When you rae appropriately dressed for the occasion, you will be able to move closer to your target in order to gain greater accuracy. If you expect that your hunting season is going to be particularly long, then you will want to bring extra ammo.

If you are serious about lightweight firearms, then you can exchange your rifle for a handgun. If you want good range, your handgun will still have to be modified so that it has a scope. Handguns have much shorter ranges, but they have the benefit of being extremely lightweight and they can easily be tucked away on your gun belt. It’s also much easier to be carrying lots of ammo for smaller firearms. Lots of hunters will want the best of both worlds. so they carry a handgun as well as a rifle with them for the best results.

If you are looking for lethality in the very short range, then you may even want to consider bringing a survival knife as well. This can be handy for close quarter combat. You need to be carrying a knife with you anyways, because how else are you going to field dress a deer? The great thing about a hunting knife is that they take up very little space and they don’t weight a lot. There’s no reason not be carrying one, really.

It’s not all about shooting, but also about navigation. So it would help to be carrying a compass and a pair of binoculars. You may even need a map. Be sure how to use all that equipment before you take it with you. Otherwise it will merely take up space. If you’re a digital kind of guy (and who isn’t these days?), then you may want to consider bringing a GPS device. This way, you can set waypoints and plot a route for yourself.

A knapsack can also be counted among the most essential hunting gear. It’s handy for storing stuff in, such as for example a survival kit. Let’s say you run into an emergency… then you will have to be able to apply first aid. Make sure to not carry more than you need to. You do not want to sacrifice all your mobility. When hunting in a group, one person at a time can be the carrier. When you’re alone, do not overburden yourself.

What Are The Best Mountaineering Boots For Peak Trekking?


If you want to visit one of the world’s most famous trekking peaks, then you will have to visit Mt Mera in Nepal. This mountain area has been designated as a climbing area for trekkers and climbers who do not yet posess a whole lot of experience just yet. You will have to pay a fee in order to get a permit to climb this mountain, however. But because Nepal wants to increase tourism, the fee they charge is far lower than the one charged for other mountains, such as Mt Everest.

Just because they have been designated to newbies, it does not mean that they are easy to climb. Mt Mera goes all the way up to about 6500 meters, which is pretty high by most people’s standards. This is an impressive altitude, at which the air is very thin. You stand a good chance of developing altitude sickness when you’re going this high. At high altitudes such as this one, the weather is very unpredictable. Usually cold, though. As a climber without a deathwish, you are going to have to be in good physical condition and you will require good gear. Just because Mt Mera is a trekking peak, it does not mean that you get to underestimate it. As a matter of fact, it would be in your own best interest if you showed it the respect it deserves.


The most important thing that you can do to have a successful trek, is to choose the best mountaineering boots you can find. It’s always going to be cold. Even in the climbing season, right before the winter and right after the monsoon rains. You are guaranteed to encounter below zero degree temperatures. You will freeze without the proper attire. You are going to require a good pair of warm mountain boots if you stand a chance of surviving this expedition. Double plastic boots are a great choice for Mera Peak. A lot of people I know who have climbed it have opted for this type of footwear. And for a good reason. Double plastic boots are made of a very sturdy plastic, which is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. They are also very rigid, so they can easily be fitted with crampons. Their inside is a warm and soft inner boot, made of insulating foam. There are two really good reasons for wanting to wear a double boot. First of all, wearing 2-in-1 boots means there is a layer of air in between them. This does a really great job of insulating you from the severe cold. Second of all, the inner boots are removable. This means you can hang them out to dry when you go to sleep. You will have to, because during the day, they will be soaking up plenty of perspiration.

I was at Mt Mera a few years ago. And would you believe that I chose a pair of simple, regular ole’ fabric boots? In my defense, they had a waterproof liner. And I still managed to make it up to 6000 meters. I also put on a double pair of socks. The outer pair of socks must always be woolen. The inner ones are just liners, which may consist of, for example, polypropylene. This is a thermoplastic polymer. This means it becomes soft when it gets warm, and rigid when it gets cold. However, I also brought along a pair of totally waterproof boots, which had solid gaiters. And I wasn’t sorry I did, because I really needed those once I had passed the high camp. That’s when you start running into mountains of snow (pardon the pun). I may have been wearing multiple layers of socks and super warm boots, but at the end of the day… my feet were still very cold indeed. I was on the verge of falling victim to frost bite. It’s a good thing I dressed so warmly, otherwise I most certainly would have lost a couple of toes.

If you are planning on staying at low altitudes, a regular pair of hiking boots or trekking shoes are good enough. But once you go over the glacier and past the high camp, you’re going to have to buy the warmest, most waterproof, best mountain boots you can find. Keeping your feet safe and warm from the blistering cold is essential, if you want to hang onto your toes for a few more years that is.

What Are The Best Boots For A Skiing Expedition?

Have you ever considered going on a skiing holiday? You’ve probably asked yourself what gear you need to be packing. The most important thing, as always, are the boots. You will need good, warm, waterproof boots for any skiing adventure you might be going on. But you also need other gear. You have probably also asked yourself how much money you are going to need before you can start buying all the ski gear you’re going to need. Skiing is known for being a fairly high priced hobby. But there are things you can do in order to keep the price low. If you know how to look for cheap stuff which is still good, then you can save many a buck. Here’s a list of stuff you are going to need.

Skiing Boots, Googles, Poles And… Skis!


There are plenty different kinds of poles, goggles, boots and skis to be found all over the web. You do not necessarily need to buy all your ski stuff from the web. You can also rent it at affordable rates. Usually it will cost you about $50 for a complete set of gear for a day. Some people wear sunglasses when going skiing. While these help against the blazing sun, goggles will also protect your sensitive eyes from wind and heavy snowfall. You will have to try on your skiing goggles before you buy them. They must be a good fit, or snow will still be able to get in there. Ski goggles do not cost a whole lot. Most of them can be bought for around $50 for a single pair. No reason to spend a fortune when you don’t have to.

Ski Jacket & Ski Pants


There are plenty of jackets and pants to be found at ski stores all over the globe. You can also buy these from the web. Plenty of retailers will offer a jackets and pants that are a matching pair in design, style and color. This is where costs are going up. You can easily spend $1000 on a pair of high quality ski pants & jacket. For this reason, I highly recommend that you browse the web for a good pair of pants and jacket that is on sale. You won’t need the highest quality in most cases, anyway. So it’s better go for a starter pair, which usually costs around $200. Now that’s a whole different story, isn’t it? You can optionally go for a skiing outfit that you will aos be able to use for country walks and whatnot. The higher quality stuff will last longer, but it also costs more. It can pay off to save up for the costlier equipment. In the end, it will be more bang for your buck. But like I said, there are also rental stores out there that will rent you the equipment you need for a day. This is always much cheaper than having to buy it yourself.

Ski Gloves & Ski Helmet


Every time you are going for a ski, you need to be wearing a helmet. Nobody likes to wear helmets. But it is for your own safety. You even need a helmet if you aren’t skiing fast. Even the flat, gentle slopes can have a rock hard surface beneath their layer of snow. If you fall, you can hit your head pretty hard. People have died from this. So protect your head well. And I haven’t even mentioned the risk of being hit by a fellow, high speed skier or snowboarder. Also be sure to buy the best skiing gloves you can find. Regular gloves are not good enough. These can easily become soaked on the inside when they come in direct contact with snow. Get breathable, waterproof ski gloves and you should be prepared for the worst. You could also optionally go for mittens, rather than gloves. Ski mittens are much warmer than gloves. Especially the ones that have been fitted with a silk glove liner. These can really help in adding an extra layer of warmth. A good pair of gloves or mittens for skiing will set you back by an acceptable $30 or so.

Military Boot Reviews 2023

There are many different kinds of military boots to be had for the money. There are jungle boots, desert boots, military style (camouflage) boots, etc. Not all army boots are created equal. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And luckily for you and me, many of them are fairly lowly priced. Most of them are well below the hundred dollar mark. Now… I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a pretty good deal for a boot that’s built to last. And last it will. These types of boots are well known for their durability. They have to be suitable to be worn by a soldier in combat.

Jungle GI Type Boots By Rothco


Here’s an example of some really nice & shiny, black leather army boots. The soles are pure rubber, ofcourse. How else are you going to have lastibility. The soles have some very deep cleates as well. You won’t find any pebbles or gravel stuck under these shoes. You’re going to look like an army man walking around in these. These Rothco boots tend to run a size too large. If you’re wearing a size 10, you may want to go with either a 9 or a 9.5. The reason for this is that they are meant to be worn with thick socks… boot socks, actually. Just order a size smaller and you’ll be fine. Other than that, they’re just a couple of really decent and cheap military boots.

Deployment Desert Boots By Rothco


These desert boots look really nice. I absolutely love any boot that has the desert design and color. And these boots have it and not just a little bit. They’ve got rubber soles and are made of a breathable mesh. It’s marketed as a running shoe. I do not own these boots, or I would’ve gone for a test run so I could tell you more about that. Not that I care, because I’m not a runner anyway. I’m mostly interested in the top trekking boots that are offered online. Trailing and backpacking is where it’s at for me. And I love doing it in style. I’ve never been in the army, but I don’t mind people thinking that I have. This desert camouflage pair of boots would definitely do the trick for me. They’re at a discount available online, so I might get them.

Elite Spider 8.0 Boots By Magnum


Another pair of boots with a desert tan. I really love these boots just by looking at them. They look rock solid. They’re full leather and they’re cheap. Exactly what you’re looking for if you came to read this post. There’s a composite shank in there. A boot shank is a supporting plate in the outsoles. This plate will make it so that you are able to stand for longer times on narrow bits, such as a peg, a branch or a protruding rock.

Many boots have metal shanks in them. These have composite ones. The upside to composite shanks is that they are more lightweight, and theremore make your boot more comfortable to wear. Another benefit is that composite shanks will easily get through a metal detector, whereas metal shanks will not. If you just so happen to be flying a lot, you will most likely want to get composite shanks. These are a pair of solid military men’s boots.

Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots By Blackhawk


If the name hasn’t convinced you that these boots are bad-ass, then let me try to change your mind. At slightly over a hundred bucks, these are the most expensive boots on the list. But boy are these good trailing boots! Like all the others, these are lightweight. They come with large lugs that will easily let you travel lots of rough terrains with lots of debris on them. You will also get darn good traction on all kinds of surfaces. Irregular surfaces too. Especially irregular surfaces! They’re a high quality pair of leather military boots alright. Not the cheapest on the list, but also not the most expensive. But these shoes will likely last longer than the other, cheaper ones on this list. So in the long term, you’ll be saving money. And these boots look so good, I can’t imagine you’d ever get bored with them. They’re made for comfort. They have an extra layer of suede in the heel. You won’t get chafed heels as easily in these boots as quickly as you would in lower priced boots. They’ve got a steel shank for extra stability. Despite the steel shank, they are still lightweight boots. The tongue is fully gusseted. There’s no particle of debris that’s going to get inside this boot anytime soon.

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6 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Military/Army Boots For Hiking, Hunting & Snowy Winter Expeditions?”

  1. Hello,

    As it happened, just a few months ago my young son informed me that he was unsatisfied with his foot are at work. He felt a steel toe safety shoe would offer a prudent change from his skate styled shoes.

    I suggested my favorite brand but low and behold, they just don’t make a shoe that fits him correctly. We spent 5 days over 3 weeks, he tried on a solid 70 different styles of over the ankle safety toe boots.

    In the end only 5 of the 70 or so felt ok and of them 3 we’re very good fits. While I won’t be dropping and brands 2 of the 3 are military issue boots; one for the Navy and another for the Army and Air Force. He bought the latter pair and took a chance on perhaps the best boots made, my favorite and called it setteled for now.

    Finding the best fit and feel for any foot ware should be approached with knowledge and patients. Think about the budget later, after knowing what actually works, a great deal can always be found but one must 1st know what their looking for.

    • Hi Green,

      Totally agree with the budget thing. Footwear is not something where you want to skimp out on the budget, lest you’ll be paying more money in the long run.

      Thanks for the contribution of your invaluable experiences and insights to Boot Bomb.

      I greatly appreciate that you took the time to write this. I’m sure my readers will, too!




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