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Most Comfortable Work Shoes For Women For Standing All Day Long

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If you are a woman who is standing up straight all day long for your job, then you will absolutely have to take your footwear very seriously. Women often occupy positions in stores, where they constantly have to walk from one part of the store to another. Either that, or you might be doing a lot of chores around the house and errands to and fro the super market. Don’t get me wrong. I know darn well women aren’t only very occupied with their home life. Nowadays, women will also often have important jobs such as police woman, chef or nurse. Women’s jobs can be quite demanding and if you are not careful, they can take a great toll from your health. If, after a long day at work, you can feel the pain in your foot and back, then you might need better shoes. You might even suffer from muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches if you are particularly unlucky. But would it not be really nice for working women (and moms too!) to have plenty of energy left after a long day at work?

Finding comfortable shoes for women that have to stand up all day long, is fairly essential to your foot health. There are plenty of studies out there that prove you can easily manage, reduce or even eliminate leg pain and back pain with the right type of footwear. It is necessary for good blood circulation. Finding shoes that are both comfortable as well as stylish can be fairly difficult sometime, however. You will have to consider many things when buying a good pair of shoes. You will need to take into account their fit, constructions as well as their size. And then there is the style and the price tag that comes with it. If you are overweight, you will have to find shoes designed to carry that weight (that’s the men’s, click here for the women’s). You must also take into account the type of job that you work daily. There will be different requirements for everybody, so it’s important that you select the perfect shoe, just for you! And I’m here specifically for that reason. To help you figure out which pair of shoes to buy for having a comfortable day at work for women!

Women’s Shoes For All Sorts Of Jobs

There are many different kinds of jobs that are often performed by women. Think of pharmacists, chefs, postal workers, nurses, cashiers, and many other kinds of occupations. Some of these jobs will require women to be walking all day, and some will require women to be standing all day. It is possible that you are working in places that will often have you walking on slippery surfaces. In that case, you will require slip resistant shoes. Then there are the kinds of occupations that will require you to wear safety shoes.

Slip Resistant Footwear For Female Nurses And Restaurant Waitresses

Let’s say that you are working as a waitress in a restaurant, or you are working as a nurse in a hospital. Slip resistant shoes will definitely be of use to you, since these places are known to be slippery from time to time. There are many kinds of shoes available that have been specifically designed for exactly these type of situations. The one thing that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for slip resistant shoes, is that they are comfortable. Nurses are often on their feet for many hours in a row. Oftentimes, a nurse will put in anywhere between 10 to 15 hours per day. They need to run to emergencies, take care of patients, assist doctors, etc. There has to be enough toe box space to give you comfort. You will also need good arch support. You will also need shoes that are very breathable, and preferably made of durable materials. Especially for nurses, it is recommended to wear closed shoes. There will be times when you have to deal with vomit or other unpleasant substances. Sometimes, you will be working with hazardous chemicals. Alegria and Dansko shoes have great for female nurses, because they have been designed with the specific requirements of the medical field. These shoes are definitely durable. They are soft as well. They will allow you to traverse many miles of hospital floor during a day.

Dansko Clogs For Professional Female Chefs


Female chefs often find themselves having to deal with a slippery kitchen floor. Oftentimes, foods and drinks get spilled across the floor. You can’t always leave the dish you are currently preparing in order to clean up. You will need a good pair of slip resistant shoes that are also comfortable to wear. The kitchen is known to put people through some seriously high temperatures. It would be great if your shoes protected you from this, so you could stay cool from the ground up. Timberland and Birkenstock are great shoes for female chefs that are slaving in a restaurant kitchen all day long. Take for example the Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Professional Croc Shoe. These have been designed with day long comfort and protection in mind. These are very popular among chefs, nurses and doctors, as well as a whole slew of people performing other kinds of jobs. You’ve also got Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clogs, which are often used in locations where people are working with dangerous materials and or chemicals, such as laboratories. These will give you great arch support. They are comfortable and light weight at the same time. They are also odor resistant. And they are easily cleansed. What more could you want? They come with a very comfortable insole. It’s almost as if you are receiving a foot massage all day long when you are wearing these. They have a wide toe box and a closed heal.

Dansko Shoes For Professional Female Nurses


When you are a professional nurse and you are working in a hospital all day long, then Dansko clogs can definitely help you perform your job a lot better while you are on a long shift. Dansko shoes might be fairly high priced, but they are worth the extra money because they last longer than cheaper brands. Most Dansko footwear has been accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). If you are looking for a good pair of these at a discount, then you might want to try out Amazon, since they also have a bunch of good deals. You are able to get Dansko’s in various styles. Not only do they have clogs, but they also sell sneakers.

Safety Steel Toe Shoes For Working Women


Let’s say you are a woman working in construction, or maybe retail where heavy items are moved from one place to the next. Then you are going to need steel toe box shoes for safety and protection. You will have to make sure that these shoes offer good arch support as well. They will also require good cushioning. Steel toe shoes are usually always wide at the front. That usually makes them a good fit!

Slip Resistant Alegria Dayna Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe For Women


One of the greatest challenges the working woman will have, is to find shoes that are both comfortable as well as stylish. It is a great thing that my recommended brands of comfortable working shoes for women, also offer a wide variety of designs and styles. If you are hell bent on not wanting to sacrifice style for comfort, then you will want to have a look at Alegria’s Dayna shoes. You can wear these while working, but also while taking a walk, shopping, or playing with your children.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Women’s Work Boots


If you are working in a workplace where a lot of safety hazards are present, you will always be mandated to wear the necessary safety gears to protect you along the way. Having the right foot wear is very important. You may end up stepping on not so safe working settings and you want to make sure that you can avoid getting injured in the process. This is why you have to be very particular of the choices that you will be making when you decide which pair it is you should consider getting.

There are all kinds of boots that you can find in the store these days that are meant to be used in the work setting, before you make your choice, you want to find out what these types of boots are supposed to do. It would be so much easier for you to settle for the best choice there is when you have a good notion of what kinds of choices are going to be available for you. Take your time, so you are confident of the option that you will end up with.

You have the choice to use steel boots. These are footwear that is most appropriate in settings where you are constantly worried of having to deal with falling objects. This pair is reinforced with steep on the tips, making the feet more protected against those instances when there may be debris that will suddenly fall into your feet. See if this is a pair that you think you will find most appropriate for the kinds of purpose that you will use these devices for.

If you have to work in a work setting where you are exposed to water all the time, then a pair of boots that are expected to make it easier for you to stay dry despite the wet setting is a good idea. You would want to protect yourself from constantly being submerged in water. So, boots that are going to be resistant to water would be a very good investment for you to consider.

For people that are going to have to work in places that are exposed to electricity, you will need to make sure that you will wear the right footwear that are expected to be resistant to current. This is perfect for people like electricians and technicians that are likely going to have to deal with electricity and the possible hazards thereof. This way, they can prevent the occurrence of the possibility of them possibly getting electrocuted in the process.

People that have to work in environments where the possibility of them slipping or falling on the floor should wear boots that are slip resistant. These are boots that are made in such a way were their grip is improved to ensure that they will not easily slip on the floor or fall. For those that have to work in environments with extreme temperature, it is advised to put on insulated boots. They are most helpful towards ensuring that the feet stay snug despite the temperature shifts.

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12 thoughts on “Most Comfortable Work Shoes For Women For Standing All Day Long”

  1. Hi. I came across your website and saw some pics of ideas for a work shoe. I’m a groundskeeper who walks an apartment complex most of the day (great exercise). I don’t need a steel toe boot, but I’d like a boot that protects me from water and slipping. At the same time I’d like a shoe or boot that still allows me to look like a woman. Currently, I’m wearing my husband’s Coleman hiking boots. They keep my feet dry but they are showing their age and the shoestrings are maddening.
    In warmer weather, I wear walking shoes but I can wear out a pair of shoes in no time. Any ideas?

  2. Brian
    November 16, 2017 I am looking for a good work boot for flat feet. I have bad ankles and need to get a shot every 3 months to get relief. Could you tell if the boots would be good fo me. Plus I work in retail on cement floors for 8hrs a day.

    • Hi Donna,

      You didn’t specify which boots you’re looking at.

      I have a page with women’s work boots up, so maybe you could look at it and tell me what you have in mind, and then I can have a looksy together with you.



  3. What makes you a expert on shoes ? I am a 60 yrs old woman 200 LBS broke my ankle so I have nerve damage I’m a waitress and my heel and big toe is very sensitive my ankle swells twice the size . I think shoe companies need to make shoes that support peoples weight because you can be a health weight or over weight and have problems I know people with problem with there feet and can’t find good shoes that helps with the pain!

    • Hi Renee,

      My family has had a shoe store for over a century. Even after it closed down in the late eighties, my parents and grand parents were always hammering on the importance of high quality, supportive footwear.

      This one time, I developed plantar fasciitis. I started to take my own foot health seriously at that point. From there on, my latent love for footwear became undeniably strong and I decided to dedicate a part of my life to it.

      If I can help even a handful of persons a year, it will have been worth it.

      Shoe companies do make shoes that support people’s weight. I have several pages that review shoes for overweight people (both men and women).

      If you know people with foot pain and they can’t find a good solution, then send them over to Boot Bomb. I might be able to help them.



  4. I am a restaurant manager and am on my feet 12 hour days. My problem is I wear a size 4 1/2 or SOME 5s but they are extremely hard to find and they have to be black. I have ordered shoes for crews they are either too big or really uncomfortable. Merrill had a style that fit me but they were discontinued. Does anyone know who carries small sizes. I have given up ordering online because I HAVE to try them on. I wish they still had shoe cobblers that could make shoes for you.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Have you looked at Skechers?

      If you have to try them on, then I’d just visit a number of shoe stores and try shoes on until you find one that fits.



  5. Well l disagree with mostof your choices. Ive been making a study on this for 4 yrs. Wk in restaurant & have learned that a foot needs to bend & your choices for nurses & restautsnt wkers simply dont allow that. 🙁

    • Hi Gayle,

      Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to make some suggestions that you feel would work well. And who knows… they might end up on the list!



  6. Hi I like your site and most expecially the flat shoe for work ,am nurse and have fracture on my leg ,son I need a very comfortable foot wear.but how can some one make a purchase .


    • Hi Oni,

      Sorry to hear about the fracture on your leg. Good footwear would go a long way in helping you manage that, though!

      You can make a purchase by clicking the photo of the shoe you like, which will take you to Amazon.




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