How to Make Yourself Appear Taller?

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If you are of short stature, you might have some insecurity about your height. And you might sometimes wish you were taller. However, it’s important to note that just because you are naturally short, doesn’t mean you have to appear short. Height is usually a perception, and what you wear can significantly change that perception. With proper dressing and careful outfit selection, you can make yourself appear taller and eliminate some of the insecurities you might have about your height. Here are some tips that you can use to make yourself appear taller.

Wear Fitting Clothes

You might have probably heard this a thousand times or come across this advice on fashion articles and magazines. Short people who want to appear taller should always wear fitting clothes. A shorter person wearing well-fitting clothes appears well proportioned and elegant. Never wear clothes that are too long or too baggy. If possible, make sure that all your clothes are tailor-made according to your frame. If you are wearing tailor-made clothes, you will always appear better than most men out there, regardless of how short you are. For men, make sure that your trousers are hemmed. Your trousers should also be tapered at the opening while your shirts should be slim-fitting. Your pants should not have a long crotch or too much extra fabric since they will make your legs appear shorter. When wearing trousers, make sure their waistline lies on your waistline and not on your hips. As much as low-rise pants are trendy, they will lower your waistline, making you look shorter. Whichever piece of clothing you choose, make sure it accentuates your vertical form, and not your horizontal – if you want to make yourself appear taller.

Opt for Monochromatic Colors

Wearing clothes that have contrasting colors will break up your frame, thus making you look shorter. If you want to make yourself look taller, then you should always stick monochromatic colors. Stick to the same color family as much as possible. Wearing shoes, pants, socks, and tops of the same color family will streamline your look and create an elongated effect. Avoid bright colors as much as you can. Instead, opt for dark colors. And if you have to wear contrasting colors, then you should ensure that the lighter colors are on top, so that you can draw the eyes upwards. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same colors every day. You can play around with colors, as look as you make sure that they don’t contrast too much. For instance, a black trouser and a white top will definitely cut your frame into two. Stay away from horizontal stripes. Instead, choose clothes with vertical stripes. Also, unless you are attending a funeral, don’t wear an all-black outfit. It will make you look shorter, thus defeating the whole idea of dressing to appear taller. Instead of wearing completely black outfits, go for colors such as dark blue, charcoal gray or brown. Also, subdued and muted hues are always better than rich, vibrant colors.

Maintain an Upright Posture

Maintaining an upright posture is one of the easiest ways of making yourself appear taller. Regardless of what you are wearing, body language matters. Apart from making you appear confident, standing upright and walking with your chest up will create the illusion of extra height. You should also maintain a healthy physique. While you don’t have to look like a lingerie model, working out regularly will help you to lose extra fat and build muscle. Exercising regularly will also strengthen your bones and muscles, thus helping you to maintain an upright posture. When you take care of your body and shed the extra pounds, it will be much easier to wear the right clothes and appear taller. And when you combine a good physique and well-fitting clothes, your confidence will soar.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

Without a doubt, accessories can make your outfit. And if you are a short person who wants to appear taller, you need to be careful when it comes to the accessories you choose to wear. For socks, ensure their color matches that of the pants you are wearing. If it’s not possible to match the color, then their colors should be close. For instance, if you are wearing brown trousers, your socks should not be green or red. Also, you should stay away from going sockless, bright colors or patterns, since they can fragment your look and make you appear shorter. If it’s during the cold months, then you can throw in a hat or a scarf. Apart from adding style to your outfit, hats or scarves will draw eyes to your face and upper body. If possible, you should go beltless. And if you have to wear a belt, then it should not be more than 1.5 inches wide. A wide or large belt can divide you into two, thus making you look short.

If the situation allows, then you can wear suspenders. Apart from being extremely stylish and classy, suspenders will add a vertical visual effect to your body, making you look taller than you really are. Avoid flashy shoes, big watches, and big neck chains. Instead of wearing a thick gold chain or a large Rolex watch, you should opt for a lighter, thinner chain or smaller watch. As for neckties, they should not be too long or too short. If the tie is too long, then it will create the impression that you are short or small. On the other hand, if it’s too short, then it will make you appear fat. Modesty is key when it comes to accessories.

Wear V-Neck Tops

When choosing your tops, go for V-neck designs as much as possible. V-neck tops will stretch out your body and add height to your frame. You should also tuck-in your tops whenever possible. When you’ve tucked in, your legs will appear longer and your torso will appear shorter. As a result, you will end up looking taller. Your tops should have slim sleeves. Short people tend to have short limbs. Therefore, if the sleeves are too large, you will end up looking even shorter than you are. On the other hands, slimmer sleeves will separate your hands from the torso, thus lengthening your frame and make you look taller. As much as you love t-shirts, stay away from short-sleeved tops whenever possible. Short-sleeved tops will expose your short arms, creating a visual of smallness and shortness. Instead, wear long-sleeved tops. They will make your limbs appear longer. And if you still want to wear t-shirts and other short-sleeved tops, ensure the sleeves are not too long. Sleeves should not go past your elbow.

Get Your Suit Details Right

Purchasing a suit is always a gamble for the majority of short men. If you get it right, then it will give you a great look. If you love wearing suits and you want to look taller in them, then you should avoid the double-breasted designs. A single-breasted suit that has one or two buttons is a decent starting point. Skip the bulky shoulder pads, since they will make you look wider and shorter. Suits with a narrow lapel will prevent your shoulders from looking wide. Just like the tops, make sure that your suits have slim sleeves. As noted earlier, slimmer sleeves will add length to your arms and make them appear longer and lean. The longer and leaner your limbs appear, the taller you will look. The position of the waist button is equally vital since it draws the eyes upwards. Make sure that your suits have high waist buttons. And most importantly, ensure your suits are slim fits. The pieces used to make the piece should accentuate your frame. Baggy-fitting suits will give you a wide appearance, thus taking away your length and height. It’s highly advisable to find a good tailor and establish a close relationship with them. A proficient tailor will make your outfits look as if they are worth thousands of dollars.

Avoid Bulky Coats

During the cold seasons, there is a high chance that you wear coats to keep your body warm. Unfortunately, most winter coats tend to be large, bulky and oversized. Such coats will make you look shorter than you are. If you want to remain warm during the cold months but still appear taller, then you should opt for layering, instead of wearing large winter coats, bulky sweaters or puffy coats. Go for fabrics that will keep out the elements without adding too much bulk. For instance, a compact down vest is a great idea. It will help you to stay warm and toasty, and it can comfortably slip into your jacket, without making you look bulky or large.

Wear Height Increasing Shoes

Just like their name suggests, height increasing shoes or elevator shoes come with a thickened section of the insole, which helps the wearer to appear taller. Elevator shoes are designed like ordinary shoes. When you look it from outside, you will never notice that it has a raised platform inside. Therefore, they provide a comfortable means of adding a few inches to your height discreetly. Height increasing shoes are available in various designs, from sneakers, office shoes to boots. When purchasing elevator shoes, you should go for those that have a pointed toe. Squared off or rounded toes can shorten your foot. A pointed toe, on the other hand, will visually lengthen your feet as well as the leg. Avoid boots or high-cut elevator shoes, since they will make your legs look shorter. As for the colors, the shoes should not contrast too much with the pants and socks that you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing dark height increasing sneakers, then you should pair them with dark pants.

Closing Remarks

As much as you might have a shorter frame, it doesn’t mean that you have to appear short. If you want to look taller, always remember these points – avoid wearing baggy clothing or clothes that break up your body. As long as you don’t draw people’s eyes down, you will always appear taller. If you are well dressed you have a confident demeanor, you will always command respect wherever you go, regardless of how short or tall you are.

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